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Building your dream team

I was tempted to write about the data bundles saga but I feel that has been attended to at length.
My only comment with regard to it is that information communication technology is the fuel of commerce.

brand savvy with Stha Magida

If Zimbabwe hopes to be anywhere near world standards, then there is need to review their policies and to adjust them so that they are in line with the progressive vision that was once tabled by the ministry concerned a few years ago.

As I was thinking about my column this week, the word “teams” kept on coming to my thoughts. I know I have written about teams before but today the inspiration is drawn from different events. The warriors are representing Zimbabwe and indeed southern Africa in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon. A lot can be done on the homeground to enhance the warriors brand, like the improvement of their kit. Today, however, my point is not so much on that. It must have taken the coach or team manager careful planning to finally name the squad that would be going to Gabon.

Many things were considered as each name was tabled. It is obvious that to make an important choice, one must gather information so that informed decisions are taken — ones that the decider can also take responsibility for. Kalisto Pasuwa must have planned his team carefully. This is what organisations should do in setting up teams.

No one person can make it alone in an organisation and indeed in life and no one department can thrive on its own. A department or its head cannot know everything, be everything or do everything. Let us again use the example of the Warriors team. There is so much more to the team than just the players we see on the field during a game. There are those people who go out and look for the talent, skill and potential. When they are observing the players play, they envision them in the new team and how they will fit in their new team. For any team leader, the team players become his assets and by choosing the right people, he would have attended to the key result areas. Talented employees work to build a strong infrastructure and expand the company’s profit vision, thereby offering shareholders and investors a positive return on their investment.

Training is also an important aspect of building the dream team. Each person comes with their core capability. It is not always given that the team will gel seamlessly without proper guidance by an experienced trainer. The seamless connection has to be established so that the team may establish a common vision and move forward in one direction. While the greater team is establishing its core values, the leader must also be open to learning. A leader who has a teachable spirit will be open to the good suggestions of the team, which will make the organisation very progressive. Sometimes leaders feel that if they take suggestions from the team then they are less leaders but that is not the case. It is after all the team that is tasked with the responsibility of attaining goals.

They will do this with passion and commitment if they feel that their contribution is valued by the leader. What most leaders do not know is that by allowing their team to soar, achievement becomes their sole guy and at the end of the day when the team is doing well, it is assumed that the team leader is also doing well and is the visionary of the group.

For the team to prosper, the team members also need to respect the differences and celebrate the diversity of each team member. It is important to know that if we were all the same kind of people then the world would be rather monotonous and boring. Each team member must also seek to contribute their best in order for the team to thrive. Each member must pull their weight so that the other team members are not discouraged. If all team members show commitment, the organisation is likely to soar and remain profitable. While good teams may feel the absence of a good team member, the team should continue to function all the same.

I value the feedback I continue to receive on this column. Please keep engaging with me so that we can make Brand Savvy better.

Till next week, keep reading and remain Brand Savvy.

Stha Magida is contactable on stha4235@gmail.com

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