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‘Prophet’ Freddy to record live DVD on ‘Big Sunday’

GOODNESS and Mercy Ministries founder, “Prophet” Tapiwa Freddy, who is famed for his “spiritual spectacles miracles” will record a live DVD album for songs contained in his previous albums during an “evangelism explosion” dubbed the Big Sunday to be held in Glen View next Sunday.

By Staff Reporter

Freddy, who resuscitated his dormant music career after a decade-long hiatus, with the release of an eight-track album titled 100 Percent Prophetic, confirmed to The Standard Style that he had engaged veteran producer Dorothy Chidzawo to do the production.

The man of the cloth said apart from recording the DVD, the main reason for hosting the Big Sunday was for deliverance and healing.

“We are gathering next week on Sunday because it was an instruction from God. We want to give more time to people who are in need of deliverance, so the Big Sunday is designed for that. I also want to prove to the world that I don’t only give spiritual spectacles but deliverance also,” he said.

“I will take that opportunity to shoot a live video performance for my upcoming DVD which is being directed by Dorothy Chidzawo.”

The “prophet” who is drawing huge crowds at his miracle services, said he was expecting a huge turnout.

“God has made us reach out to all corners of the country and beyond our borders; as such, we are expecting a huge turnout as the Holy Spirit leads international, regional and local visitors to the Big Sunday,” he said.

“The ‘spiritual spectacles’ will be a bonus because deliverance and healing would be the main focus on the day,” he said.

According to Freddy, the “spiritual spectacles”, would enable his congregants to prophesy, saying that the power of God in him allowed people to see their past and future, giving them the ability to see the “second world”.

On the music front, Freddy has three albums — Mesiya (2002), Serevende (2006) and 100 Percent Prophetic (2015) which received generous airplay on local radio stations.

Freddy, who is backed by the Melodius Goodness and Mercy Ministries choir, said his tight schedule in his ministry work was taking a toll on his music career, but he believes music is another way to spread the word of God.

“I believe music is a good way to capture people and turn them to God and I have a strong passion for music,” he said.

His latest album was produced by Mono Mukundu and features veteran gospel musician, Pax Gomo on the third track, Josefa.

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