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Wizkid straight out of Gokwe

Collins Tinotenda Mpofu (19) is proof that it does not only take going to fancy schools for a student to make it.

By Staff Reporter

Mpofu (centre) with his mother and brother
Mpofu (centre) with his mother and brother

Hard work, focus and the right amount of intelligence was all that he needed to attain 20 points in four subjects at A’ Level — the best 2016 A’ Level result at Cheziya High School in Gokwe.

Born and raised in Machakata under Chief Njelele in Gokwe, Mpofu could have ended up just another child with a bleak future like most rural children. But he did not allow his sombre surroundings to determine his future.

From day one as a day scholar at Cheziya High School, Mpofu said he already knew he wanted to become a medical doctor.

“I always knew I wanted to become a doctor so I took the sciences combination at A’ Level. I did Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and came out with four As,” he said.

Judging by his A’ Level results, he may be well on his way to achieving his dream, if a scholarship comes his way.

“As I worked so hard, I wanted to do so well that I would be able to get a scholarship so that I would not have to burden my parents any further,” he said.

Achieving such a feat at A’ Level was no accident. Mpofu had also come out with flying colours in his O’ Level, managing to attain nine As, one B and one C. He, however, feels he could have got all As at O’Level if he had been a boarder and if he could have had at his disposal more textbooks. He only became a boarder at the same school when he started his Form 5.

Asked how he had managed to excel with inadequate resources, Mpofu expressed his appreciation for the internet.

“The internet played a big role. For instance, all the material I used to answer my practical papers came from the internet,” he said.

Mpofu now anxiously waits for responses to his college and scholarship applications to know if his dream of becoming a doctor will become a reality.

Companies or individuals with scholarship assistance can contact Mpofu on e-mail;

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