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When considering veganism!

Veganism isn’t a diet that is promoted or considered in Zimbabwe. Further, speaking of its benefits in a persuasive manner often leads to Zimbabweans resisting the importance of such a subject. Though we are fortunate to have access to organic foods and grass-fed, organic meats, there is significant reason for health-oriented individuals to consider implementing a vegan diet or to consciously increase their vegetable intake.

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Eating a vegan diet will enrich your life in many ways
Eating a vegan diet will enrich your life in many ways

Vegan diets, in theory, seem like the closest, natural way we can drink from the fountain of youth. The benefits are endless and the journey can be delicious, exciting, adventurous and provide a sense of pride for one’s mind and body. Inevitably, there is a certain amount of discipline that is necessary in order to reap the benefits of such a lifestyle. It’s easy to eat more fruits and vegetables. However, there is a certain, unavoidable amount of discipline that is necessary to successfully benefit from veganism. When embarking on a vegan diet, meals must be planned. Vegans or those simply wishing to increase their vegetable intake need to be informed on how to be sure they are receiving proper nutrition from fruits and vegetables.

Life is about balance. Regardless of which fruit or vegetable is being eaten, it can be detrimental to nutritional progress, depending on the consumption. This can be accomplished first by being sure to eat many different plants of a variety of colours. Additionally, seek out fruits that you have not tried in the past, as well as berries, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Vegans, like meat eaters, are prone to making mistakes in their intake. Vegans think that since they are eating fruits and vegetables, they don’t have to worry about their weight. Vegans need to be sure to eat just enough calories necessary to support a healthy weight. Should the issue be a need to gain weight, there are extra-protein-rich foods that can be consumed such as avocados.

When choosing fats, be sure you choose wisely, consuming fats that comprise Omega-3, such as walnuts, flax seeds, and varying seed oils, all to be eaten in moderation. Avoiding processed trans fats in snack food, fast food, fried food, and backed goods will also enhance one’s health. Refined sugar should be avoided at all costs. Sugar provides zero nutrition. It is essentially empty calories. Additionally, salt intake should be significantly limited, while iron intake should be taken seriously. Excellent sources of iron include beans, legumes, green vegetables, nuts and seeds. Eating such foods in the accompaniment of foods rich in Vitamin C will increase absorbtion.

One vitamin that is often missing in a vegan diet is the B12 vitamin. Lack of B12 vitamin can cause anaemia, nerve damage, heart disease or pregnancy complications. It is a very serious matter! Sources of B12 include plant milks, yoghurts, breakfast cereals, spreads, yeast extracts, as well as nutritional yeast products which have been fortified with the vitamin.

Though there are many areas in which veganism can go wrong if not appropriately managed, the benefits of such a diet are well worth the effort. Dairy products and meats possess a massive amount of saturated fats that, if reduced, can improve your health significantly, particularly relating to your heart. Additionally, a fibre-rich diet (such as that of a vegan diet) generally leads to healthier bowel movements, which can prevent colon cancer.

Cell protection damages can also be significantly protected against a vegan diet. Many researchers have concluded that increased antioxidants protect your body against the formation of different types of cancer. Cardiovascular disease, cholesterol maintenance, blood pressure, cataracts, osteoporosis, and arthritis, are just a few of the diseases that are directly avoided by the implementation of a vegetable rich or vegan diet.

Finally, eating a vegan diet will enrich your life in many ways, physically. You will find that your energy is higher and your attitude towards life is altogether better. Another perk of this shift is healthy skin, elimination of body odour, stronger hair, healthier nails and a longer life.

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Doreen Mutobaya Badze is a retired nurse and passion-driven gardener. She can be reached on Cell: 0779 730 880 or 16 Metcalf Road, Greendale, Harare. Email: Facebook page: Badze Garden Nursery

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