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Bold Pat reveals more skin to prove a point

Multi-talented radio personality Patience Phiri is redefining the term “bold” through breaking socio-cultural boundaries.

By Kennedy Nyavaya


Nudity has for long been viewed as taboo, but Phiri believes it can be used to boost esteem among local women.

In a series of pictures last month, the model took to her Instagram page @empress_patience posting the daringly revealing pictures she captioned #BeBoldForChange.


“I am a model because I want to prove that a full body is not something to be ashamed of but rather, something to be celebrated,” she told The Standard Style on Friday.

“My duty is to show that anyone can do the things that they wish to do, starting with one person at a time.”

According to her, there is a lot of self-hate and body shaming among women, especially the younger ones, hence her role as a model aims to make others understand that their bodies “will never be someone else’s and it is ok like that”.

Last year in August she staged and directed a sultry theatre rendition titled Naked Girls Reading in Harare.

But, is she not moved by judgements from society?

The mother of a 17-year-old boy is totally unfazed and as she is turning 35 years this year, she wants to “celebrate that through showing something positive”.

“People will always talk, even on something that they do not know anything about. I am a mother of a 17-year-old boy and I work; I have a proper job and I go to church,” she said, adding that she was building a long-lasting brand.

“I enjoy what I do and I have a big dream; that is how I manage to make it, I just want to make it and I want my name to be known and remembered by the next generations.”

Phiri also firmly believes that local corporates should also embrace local beauty to market their brands.

“What I want to see is my face everywhere. I am tired of looking at people we do not know on billboards as some brands are getting foreign faces to represent them.”

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