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Denice reveals secret to her perfect bikini body

Fitness model Denice Pine has downplayed the notion that beauty can only be seen in women with smaller waistlines.

By Kennedy Nyavaya


The epitome of true beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, but in the 21st century, plus size women are having a torrid time fitting into a judgemental society.

The once chubby 23-year-old has lost significant weight after adopting a healthy lifestyle in 2014 and she said the thought of working out should be inherent and not induced by “bullies”.

“My advice to beautiful women out there is never be affected by someone’s negative opinion on you,” she said.

“If anything, take that and make it your daily motivation to push yourself and most importantly, do it for you and for your family.”


Pine had first-hand experience after she was bullied while doing her Advanced Level. That, coupled with a warning from her doctor to adopt a healthy living prompted her to take action.

But, she maintains that one’s decision should solely be influenced by an internal conviction to lead a healthy life and not societal judgement.

“It’s so sad that society and social media has made it seem like a small waistline and flat stomach is what makes a woman a woman.

“It should be a personal goal that influences one to live healthier because when you live a healthier lifestyle, you reduce the risk of diseases and you get to be happy and wear whatever you want,” she said.

Currently, Pine, who doubles as a personal trainer and motivational speaker, is looking at prospects of someday becoming a lifestyle ambassador to represent a brand locally and internationally.

With thousands of followers on her various social media platforms, she has hopes of having her own affordable fitness centre “that has the best trainers that produce positive results”.

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