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The Heritage School Golf Academy comes of age

THE Heritage School golf programme which was set up three years ago in an effort to create a platform for the next generation of top golfers is already proving to be a success. a number of its players have already gone to represent the country at various international competitions.


The brainchild of the school’s directors, Tom Austin and Gordon Pangeti — who are avid golfers themselves — the Heritage Golf Academy is a specialised sporting programme where the golfing students play only golf throughout the term as part of their extra-curricular activities.

A total of 20 students are part of the programme where they receive specialised coaching from seasoned local professional golfer Robson Saurombe and Rhodha Muridzo, the daughter of legendary golfer and trainer Lewis Muridzo.

Veteran professional golfers, Stuart Stovould, the resident Pro at the Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club and Muridzo (Snr), who has been teaching golf for over 57 years are also part of the programme which is managed by one of the Heritage School staff members, Tinashe Nyika.

“The school currently has 20 students signed up for the programme. They start golf in the infant department [Grade 1 and 2]where the daughter of legendary golfer and trainer Lewis Muridzo, Rhoda Muridzo starts grooming the infant students who will then continue at junior school and hopefully enter the elite programme in the senior school,” The Heritage School said in a statement.

“It’s a seamless programme that has been developed and has some of the best golfers in the country. The golfers in this programme participate in competitions during the weekends and they even travel regionally.”

“. . .This is the first [school] of its kind in Zimbabwe. All their inter-schools participation is done by playing golf. They play golf every day after school and up to 15 hours a week, excluding competition. the students also have golfing etiquette lessons and they also study the many rules of golf.”

Perhaps the most recognised players who have been part of the programme are brother and sister Tafadzwa and Margret Nyamukondiwa and Rumbidzai Chisango.

Tafadzwa, a former captain for the Zimbabwe junior golf team, is one of the top junior golfers in the country and early this year, helped the national junior side qualify for the Toyota Junior Golf World Cup, to be held later this month in Japan.

His sister, 13-year-old Margret, is also one of the country’s top female junior golfers and has already been capped several times for the senior national ladies golf team despite her tender age.

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