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Cee Kay comes of age with Mwari Makanaka hip-hop video

YOUNG Christian hip-hop gospel artist Charles “Cee Kay” Kapunzeni’s latest video production Mwari Makanaka promises to place him among the best in a growing field of excellent local performers, who have gained fame from an increasing audience for this unique hybrid gospel music genre in Zimbabwe.

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Cee Kay

Dazzling is the word that can aptly describe the refreshing Christian hip-hop video project by the Epworth-bred gospel music minister Cee Kay, who has emerged with his own distinct sleek style.

It would appear that the street-wise influences of his harsh background in the ghetto of Epworth located in the periphery of the capital, do not make an ideal environment for one to produce the modern-day Christian vibes.

However, that is not so for Cee Kay, who said he is propelled by his desire to help listeners to guard their minds from evil influences and help change their focus to Kingdom-thinking.

Epworth — a high-density dormitory town administered by the Epworth Local Board and located about 12km from the Harare city centre — is usually associated with crime, drugs and other vices.

A born-again Christian at Zaoga Church, the 25-year-old multi-talented music minister Cee Kay said he was offering fans a diverse musical palette that exquisitely blends the international flavour of hip-hop with a distinct traditional local beat.

“I am inspired by my upbringing in Zaoga in Epworth, I could not preach but choose to minister through song and have recorded several albums,” he said.

“In April, I started the video project Mwari Makanaka, having picked a track from my latest album which was already out.”

The praise message and passionate delivery on the video, he released on Friday are consistently relatable as they tackle the faith and triumph arising from the goodness of God the Almighty.

Cee Kay said he started the video project in April and the melodic video is an introduction to exactly who he is in the local Christian hip-hop circles.

He has beautifully and cleverly laid down the lyrics of praise over hip-hop as he shows the good works of God in his message in Mwari Makanaka.

Cee Kay started his career at a tender age in 2009 in Epworth, dropping his debut single titled Father.

“I did my first single Father and the fans liked it and were asking for more. The positive response encouraged me to do my first album Blessed Like Never Before, which I launched in Epworth, with the guest artist being none other than Pastor Haisa.

After that he joined the great trek to South Africa in search of greener pastures and the move helped him to raise the bar in his music career as he became a music producer, doing songs for upcoming musicians like Connie Ngalonde’s release Wethembe kile.

“At first I did shows with Kuda Mutsvene and later, performed at the Zim Diaspora movement in South Africa last year where Knox Guni headlined the event,” he said.

The South Africa-based artist has expanded his blossoming music career by forming a recording label, Cee Kay Studios in 2011.

“Owning my own studio is my biggest testimony because it was a hassle for me to record my music due to financial challenges. I was struggling to raise funds to book my works for recording,” he said.

The talented Cee Kay, who is also a pianist, drummer and plays the keyboard managed to raise the capital to establish the recording studio through the proceeds from playing as a session musician for other bands

He is inspired by Nigerian gospel artist Frank Edwards and locally he is a fan of Mudiwa and Pastor G among others.

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