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TBF embarks on modelling promotion tour

An Australian founded business organisation, Team Big Family (TBF), fronted by Chengetai Mashiringwani, is set to embark on a nationwide modelling development and promotion tour, beginning mid-month.

By Gumisai Nyoni

Mashiringwani, who is also the CEO of the organisation, said they looked forward to visit all the country’s 10 provinces, starting with Bulawayo, a move the company says is meant to empower the girl child. He said the selection process included girls from both urban and rural areas, thus giving it an inclusive outlook.

“Our mission is to develop arts communities in Zimbabwe. We have been holding workshops with various artists and we have managed to nurture upcoming artists in and around Harare,” he said.

“We have also been working with established artists such as Ammara Brown, Simba Tags, Take Fizzo and Tafadzwa Muchechetere (Changamire Zimboy). We then realised it was time we moved out of Harare to engage models in other parts of the country.”

Speaking to The Standard Style, TBF technical advisor and spokesperson, who is part of the events’ organising team, Nyasha Nhau said there was little exposure for upcoming models who may have the qualities but not the opportunity to showcase their talent, hence TBF’s intervention.

He said the company had established structures across the country’s provinces, making it easy for those interested to join the modelling contests.

“There are many models in the country with the zeal, but are not accorded the chance to prove themselves, largely because of economic constraints,” Nhau said.

“We are even grooming talent from the rural areas so that we avoid recycling the same established models. It is important to note that Mashiringwani was also involved in bringing renowned Jamaican artist Elephant Man to Zimbabwe in 2011. This makes him and the organisation well-equipped to manage these shows.”

Nhau added that instead of letting the needy and unemployed rely on charity handouts, there was a need to create employment for them, hence TBF’s decision to partake in arts development, which has recently resulted in many youths benefitting through music.

Nhau emphasised that it was necessary that the girl child, who is highly prone to the economic meltdown, gets the opportunity to make a difference in the community.

TBF co-CEO Chido Sibanda expressed optimism, saying the tour was likely to produce positive outcomes, after the organisation invested a lot of effort towards it.

“We are doing our best to promote models. Besides just showcasing talent, we also need these promotions to be educative, for instance, during the tours we will involve issues to do with breast cancer awareness,” she said.

“We have a role as an organisation to raise awareness on matters that affect us as women. On such platforms, where we offer entertainment, it is also easy to convey our messages on such diseases that have become a thorn in many women’s lives. Hence our approach to modelling is multifaceted.”

Ammara Brown is top among the major artsists coordinating TBF workshops ahead of the tour. The organisation said she has been instrumental in the selection of models, as well as giving direction towards the attainment of the modelling promotion’s desired goals.

TBF also expects to host hip-hop shows at major entertainment joints in Harare and Chitungwiza, such as the Aquatic Complex, The Volt, Vicious Bar and Club 1+1, among many others.

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