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Samaita ‘adopts’ Tongai Moyo’s son

Music promoter-cum-musician Brian Samaita says he is assisting the late sungura icon Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s other son Obert to launch his music career with a new a single and album coming out before the end of the year.

By Staff Reporter

Samaita told The Standard Style on Friday that he promised the late sungura great that he would keep the Dhewa legacy alive.
“I made a commitment to keep the Dhewa legacy alive after Tongai had died. I have tried to keep his beat alive as evidenced in my music and choreography at live shows,” Samaita said.

“The most interesting thing is that I ‘adopted’ Tongai’s son Obert whom I am helping to launch his music career. We are in the studio working on his forthcoming single and album, which will be released before the end of this month.”

Samaita, who is riding high with his fourth album Kumazivandadzoka, said he had over the years assisted Dhewa’s elder son Peter, who fronts his late father’s outfit Utakataka Express.

“Peter is doing well to keep the Dhewa legacy alive. He has done well under difficult circumstances considering that he was too young when he took over. I have at times helped him and I am there to assist when he needs help,” Samaita said.

Dhewa died aged 43 on October 15 2011 after a long battle with cancer and Samaita feels the Murozvi Mukuru singer was the reason behind the success of sungura in the country.

He said sungura was fading into oblivion because the current crop of musicians lacked creativity and innovation.

“There are a number of upcoming sungura musicians who are failing to make it in the cut-throat music industry because they have been compelled to perform under the armpits of the so-called established singers,” he said.

The Murondatsimba Express frontman, who described the late Dhewa as a rare breed of sungura musicians whose music stood the test of time, said he was only helping Obert launch his career.

“I am just a launch pad for Obert. I will wean him and allow him to do it alone when the right time comes,” he said.

“Tongai inspired me a lot and I will not sit on my laurels while his music dies. I will keep supporting his family and Utakataka Express. The Dhewa legacy should be kept alive and I know his sons Peter an Obert will do that.”

Dhewa was buried at his rural home in Zhombe where an estimated 10 000 people attended the funeral. His popularity was evident when over 15 000 people packed Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe to pay their last respects.

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