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Another Mhere delight

ANOTHER Mhere is set to delight the already vibrant local gospel music scene, if the affection displayed by listeners to his debut album released recently is anything to go by.

By The Master

The new gospel music entrant, whose first name is Delight, said while he is not related to the popular gospel music artist Mathias Mhere, he has great respect for him and is inspired by the Favour hitmaker and what was more important at the end of the day was that they all belonged to God’s family.

“We share the same surname with Mathias, but we are not related. However, that is secondary; what is more important is that I respect and admire his music, not forgetting that as we are all gospel music singers, we are brothers in Christ,” Mhere said.

Following on his childhood dreams of becoming a successful musician, the 25-year-old Masvingo-born artist, who grew up singing in school and church, has finally produced his first album Mazuva Ekupedzisira at the increasingly popular Voice of Thunder Studios, now a favourite for contemporary musicians.

The eight-track album by Mhere also features gospel prodigy Trymore Bande on the track Ndiyoyi Hondo while the other songs are Tirangarirei, Nguva Yekuguma, Wanano and Wanotirirwa, among others.

Delight said Ndiyoyi Hondo carries the message of his biggest testimony in life, that if one is seeking true riches in life, they must first find God, because any riches acquired without God ultimately lead to strife, being the reward of a sin-filled life.

“A big testimony in my life is that God gave me life from day one up to now. Most young people of my generation have perished, those who are alive are crying, but not me. I am glad that I have nothing to regret, not because I am a smart person but I avoided many such evil things through the Grace of God,” he said.

“I am delighted that my album has been well-received by the fans. There is still a long way to go, but with God, nothing is impossible. He also lead me to work with an excellent producer, Makumbe.”

He said his decision to mix museve, mhande and a bit of jazz in his beat, in order to entice many listeners of different music genres to hear the word of God, was paying off.

He advised all upcoming gospel artists that the only route to permanent success in gospel music was to lay a strong foundation rooted in the word of God.

“To all those young people who are aspiring to be gospel musicians, what is most important, which is also the first thing they must do, is to lay a strong foundation in the Word of God, doing what it says. Don’t do it for fame, but for God and be humble.”

He joins a number of gospel artists who are not entirely bothered by the rise in music piracy, saying that at the end of the day, piracy is a vehicle that is spreading the Word of God.

“The Lord God always takes care of His own. As I have said before, people must not entirely focus on riches. It’s even better to look for other things to do to take care of one’s self, depending on the situation, otherwise who will spend more time worrying about piracy and riches at the expense of focusing on spreading the Word of God,” he said.

Delight, whose father passed on in December last year, said the death, though hard on him, strengthened him to do more for God and he is now working on a new project that is going to be better than his debut album.

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