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Prayer, fans carries the day for Bande

ON a certain morning, a young boy sang a song — Maruva Enyika — by veteran and gifted composer Leonard Karikoga Zhakata at the assembly at Samaringa Primary School, Honde Valley, close to the border with Mozambique.


Little did he know that the voice that sang at the assembly, would one day become a dominant force in Zimbabwe’s gospel scene.

And today, Trymore Bande pays tribute to his prayers in song and the massive support he has been getting from his growing number of local and international fans.

Despite being persecuted for being a Charles Charamba copycat, Bande has defied all odds as he has found his feet as some of his songs have become popular like a national anthem.

“I know many people can say a lot and I understand that. But, the truth of the matter is that you cannot go into gospel music without knowing that Baba Charamba is the king of gospel music. He will remain my father and I have great respect for him. I will always respect him,” Bande told The Standard Style recently.

His discography includes Muimba YaMwari, Uchandiramba Peter and Zodzo from his first two albums, while the latest offering Mashoko Evanhu from his current album Praise and Testimony in Songs is dominating the Radio Zimbabwe Gopel 20 and Coca-Cola Top 20 charts.

Mashoko Evanhu has found its way into commuter omnibuses, weddings, parties and it has become a favourite to many who have commonly made it ringing tones on their mobile phones.

“Prayer is the key of my success in the music industry. I also owe this to my growing fans that have given me great support. They always complement my songs as they appreciate the messages contained in my songs,” said Bande.

His messages and prayer in song have paved the way for his meteoric rise to stardom.

Today the Honde Valley-born musician appears as one of Zimbabwe’s gospel music symbols of success having rocked the gospel music arena with a praiseworthy songs that have taken the scene by storm.

“Every day I meet fans who like my music and I am overwhelmed by the great response and support I am receiving from the fans. I can say that prayer and the fans have made me reach thus far,” he said.

Bande’s first song was Mukadzi Benzi.

“I composed that song when I was in Grade Seven after hearing a preaching at a church conference. So it was the story of Job and the wounds. I am inspired by anything that happens at anytime and we all find that in God’s ruling,” he said.
Bande’s manager Munei Nyoni was full of praises for him.

“I realised that Bande had a great future if well-managed and nurtured. It was not an easy road to meet him first, but the love and passion to spread the Word of God made me go an extra mile to manage him,” said Nyoni.

Nyoni said they were taking their music across borders.

“We have quite a number of shows lined up for 2018 locally and outside Zimbabwe. We have high hopes of having tours and shows in the Sadc region as we are working with a number of promoters,” said Nyoni.

Bande has released seven albums, namely Old and New Testament, Discover to Recovery and The Scriptures.

Others include Zvakagara Zvakadaro, ZvaMwari and Zvakaoma Kudaro.

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