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Pinjisi’s new album brings joy

Talented sungura musician Howard Pinjisi has dropped his fifth album titled Ndauya Nemafaro that the musician believes will make an impact in the much-contested music genre.


The album features six songs that are hard-core sungura.

Pinjisi made a name for himself in the sungura music circles with his popular hit, Vashamarari, from the album Dadiso in 2012.

He is backed by Orchestra Ndorochena.

In an interview with The Standard Style last week, Pinjisi said: “I have been taking my time in composing and coming up with mature lyrics and a sungura beat that I think many fans will like.”

He said although the genre had seen great competition, his album had the potential to achieve recognition.

“Sungura has always been one of Zimbabwe’s most popular music genres. This time around I have come up with more innovation in terms of the sungura beat as I have introduced some intricate guitars and strong messages,” said Pinjisi.

The album opens with Usarase Tariro that gives hope to the hopeless and encourages people in difficulties to turn to God in times of need.

The second track is Sorry Lovie, a love song that encourages lovers to forgive each other when there are misunderstandings. Mandisesedza is a song where Pinjisi thanks the Lord for giving him long life taking into consideration the high death rate in the country.

A potential hit Mushikashika encourages people to work hard in life despite the social and economic injustices bedevilling the country. The title track Ndauya Nemafaro showcases exciting guitar exuberance that is likely to shake the dance floors, while the last song Kana Ndafa defies the logic behind partying at a funeral instead of partying with that person when they are still alive.

The talented bassist, who has been likened to Alick Macheso, described the new album as loaded with heavy guitars and an improvement on vocals.

“This will be a different album from my previous ones because we have come up with a different approach. I am looking forward to the success of the album because we perfected the guitars and I am very confident in what we have done,” said Pinjisi.

Pinjisi has previously released Umbiridzo (2010), Dadiso (2012), Ngandure Yengoma (2013) and Chirambawasara (2015).

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