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Need to nurture artistic talent in Manicaland

MANICALAND province has abundant artistic talent that can match world-class standards if it is fully exposed and nurtured, Jibilika Dance Trust has said.


In an interview with The Standard Style recently on the sidelines of a Youth HIV and Sexual Reproduction Health Awareness programme in Mutare, Vera Chisvo, the trust’s programme manager, said there was need to develop and harness the huge talent that was exhibited by local youths who performed at the function.

“I have seen many creative and passionate artistes, but they lack full exposure. We have realised that there is a lot of talent that can be used to sustain and develop lives if harnessed and nurtured,” said Chisvo.

“I have seen here in Mutare a lot of young guys filled with love and passion for dance and music. The young rappers, dances and beat boxers are so passionate about what they do and l want to encourage them to follow their dreams.”

Several local artistes, among them dancers, musicians and beat-boxers, took part in the event. There was also a huge turnout from the audience that seemed to enjoy all the acts throughout the show.

Mutare hip-hop star Kritic Igwe stole the limelight and was regarded as an emerging talent from the eastern border city that must be fully exposed.

Jibilika Dance Trust is a local dance organisation aimed at promoting the development of the arts, mainly dancing, as a medium for youth development and behavioural change.

Chisvo said the trust had started its health awareness campaign called Step Up 2 HIV for 2018.

The campaign promotes dissemination of information on HIV-related issues in the form of performing arts conveyed through music and dance and is expected to run until December.

“This programme empowers young people with the knowledge, tools and opportunity to use their own art, media and ideas as a way to empower their voices for an Aids-free generation,” she said.

Chisvo said Jibilika would use its creative appeal to mobilise and engage young people while the implementing partners would provide various services such as counselling, testing, male circumcision and related initiatives.

The campaign, which is supported by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief’s Dreams programme, will be running under the theme Amplified.

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