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Makunzva dreams big

EIGHTEEN-YEAR–OLD upcoming Afro-jazz sensation Princess Makunzva seeks to carve her niche in the cut-throat music industry with the release of debut five-track album titled Chinonzi Regai, which has a mbira fusion.


In an interview with The Standard Style, the Chitungwiza-bred teenager said her career in the showbiz was being firmly shaped by her dreams and the desire to showcase her vocal prowess and mbira skills.

“I grew up without friends so as someone who would spend much of her time alone, I decided to make music my friend in 2014. that is how I started composing songs and later taught myself how to play the Nyonga Nyonga mbira instrument,” she said.

“The fact that I was comfortable being by myself, it helped me to perfect my mbira playing skills and I am working hard to improve so as to be among those Zimbabwean artistes who play the mbira instrument with expertise.”

Although the dreadlocked songstress said she has been ridiculed for her affection for the traditional mbira instrument, she has vowed to soldier on and be among those artistes associated with the instrument.

“A lot has been said in society with some people accusing me of being possessed by some spirits as they associate my dreadlocks and this mbira instrument with spirit mediums, but I am not moved by the criticism. I love culture and this will keep me focused as I know what I want to achieve in my career,” she said.

Makunzva — who draws her inspiration from music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi, the late Chiwoniso Mararire and Mbuya Stella Chiweshe — saluted her parents’ for supporting her talent and career.

“There are some parents who do not support their kids especially if you decide to venture into music, but I am happy that my family has embraced my talent. They pay for my studio time and everything that I want and this gives me the courage and strength to keep on working hard,” she said.

Unlike some upcoming musicians who rush for collaborations with seasoned artistes without establishing their own brands, Makunzva said she wants to be a force to reckon with in the industry first before dreaming of collaborations

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