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Mai Gahadzikwa to honour late daughter

POPULAR gospel artiste Margaret Gahadzikwa, populary known as Mai Gahadzikwa, has released another video which features her late daughter, Faith, who grabbed attention with her singing prowess that overcame her physical disabilities.

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Mai Gahadzikwa told The Standard Style that her latest offering titled Kastep Kutende — a five-track beauty video album — derived from the title track of her latest audio album, which was produced at Hastings Chiromo’s Rocklife media, was of high quality and had captivating dances with fitting drama clips.

“This is our second video album, the first was titled Chiedza Chauya, which was produced in 2015 by TCR TAPS PRO,” she said.

“The song Kastep Kutende tells a story from 2 Kings 7:3-11 in the Bible of four men who suffered from leprosy and were thrown out of the city while the song Mweya Nenyama, which features Rumbi Gatawa, talks about the struggle between the flesh and spirit, taken from Galatians 5:17, 3.

“Ndamutswa Neshoko [with a jiti beat] says ‘I have been awakened by the Word as the preacher was preaching’ and Munhu Wenyama was done in a heavy traditional beat.”

Mai Gahadzikwa said the videos were already receiving good airplay on national television and were available on YouTube, where they are “having encouraging views and comments from all over the world”.

Mai Gahadzikwa said she and her husband were planning to set up the Faith Gahadzikwa Foundation in honour of their daughter, Faith, who had fought the good fight of faith.

The initiative is meant to assist children living with disabilities, who are gifted gospel artistes, to develop their talents further.

“Our new video contains the song Ndagutsikana, which Faith did before she passed on in October last year at the age of 12.

“It is by God’s grace that we are managing to cope, bolstered by the support and encouragement from fans, other gospel artistes and church members,” Mai Gahadzikwa said.

“Faith was very talented and she touched the hearts of many the world over. despite being only 12 years, blind and paralysed on the right side, she lived and shared the gospel through music.

“So, we are soldering on so that the work she had passion for will continue.”

The Gahadzikwas are spreading their music across the borders and have been to Zambia twice this year alone.

“The response has been good. In April we performed before a full house in Lusaka at the Grace Communion International [GCI] church jubiliee celebrations [50-year celebrations being in Zambia]. In May we performed again before a full house in Chongwe GCI pentecost celebrations,” she said.

“We have again been invited for the August Family festival celebrations to be held in Kapete, Zambia, for four days. GCI church has been sponsoring these tours.”

However, the journey has not been easy, as sponsors and promoters prefer to sponsor men than women, said Mai Gahadzikwa.

“But I challenge them that they have a look at female artistes as they are also gifted and can do wonders,” she said.
“I give special thanks to my husband Andrew, who is also my pastor, as he has stood by me all the way. I praise God for the gift of singing and will continue as God permits me to.

“To our fans and all those who support us as Angels of Mercy, thank you very much,we are moving on and there is more to come.”

The couple has plans to tour most cities in Zimbabwe to market their DVDs and CDs while fans outside the country can view the videos on YouTube, Facebook or Soundcloud.

They are working on releasing their fourth album early next year.

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