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Executive mbira concert at Red Café

MBIRA fans will be in for a treat tonight singing and dancing to the rich traditional music of celebrated author and poet Chiremba Hwesa Masango (pictured below) backed by his Zim Totems Band at the Executive Mbira Sunday concert set for Red Café in downtown Harare.


Regardless of traditional music fused with traditional instruments being an integral part of Zimbabwe’s culture, the music seems to be slowly dying as young musicians shun the genre.

Chiremba Hwesa Masango urged fans to come in their numbers for a fun-filled night where some fans would be given a “special” free gift in the form of Guchu, a concoction for various ailments.

“The Executive Mbira Sunday concert is a show not to be missed by music fanatics who enjoy rich traditional music. They must come in their numbers for a special treat,” he said.
“It has been encouraging that our shows are being well-attended and we want to salute our music devotees for their unwavering support and we promise to reciprocate the good gesture in such a special way.”

Chiremba Hwesa Masango and his outfit are among the few who have continued to be loyal to the genre where sungura and contemporary music are considered to have taken centre stage.

“We have realised that many people love mbira music, but they had been starved of live mbira performances and let down by joint proprietors who preferred other genres so we decided to cater for their needs by hosting such concerts,” said the Red Café manager Freddy Nyakudanga.

Since its establishment early this year, Red Café has fast become a popular arts and culture hangout for both upcoming and seasoned artistes as they host live music shows, poetry and comedy.

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