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Jah Prayzah offsets Baba Harare

The reason why rising musician Braveman “Baba Harare” Chizvino actually cancelled a show for a spontaneous cameo during Jah Prayzah’s performance, at the Chitubu album launch, in the wee hours of yesterday, is nothing short of mysterious.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Baba Harare (centre) joins Jah Prayzah (left) on stage at the launch of the album Chitubu at the Harare International Conference Centre on Friday

Baba Harare neither had a performing time slot nor VVIP guest list pass, but at the peak of Jah Prayzah’s performance fans reincarnated the “Baba Harare musadaro” chant so loud that it could not be ignored.

This prompted Jah Prayzah to facilitate his appearance on stage, a situation which somehow proved convenient for both musicians ostensibly desperate to tap into each other’s influence.

“I cancelled a show to be here and I am comfortable at the back like this, mixing with the fans, but I came to see and support,” Baba Harare told The Standard Style.

His sounds like a brave desire to continue in touch with his former paymaster, but if Andy Muridzo can be used as an example, then he sure is skating on thin ice and may need to rethink the strategy.

After watching him blend so well into JP’s set, which saw him doing backing vocals and dancing in synchrony, one could swear Baba Harare is reminiscent of years with the band and ready to go back in.

“We worked together before, that is why the performance came out so well because this is just about supporting each other. I remember my days there, but I am not going to go back,” he said.

The brief stage romance between the duo tones down speculation that there is tension between them, but the real battle is that of whether JP’s latest 13 tracks will outdoor Baba Harare’s The Reason Why mega-hit.

Meanwhile, chaos characterised the entrances as well as food and beverage selling counters as people teemed the Harare International Conference Centre for the concert which started some three hours after the initially scheduled time.

This resulted in some artistes like Enzo Ishall of Kanjiva fame, whose performance lasted less than five minutes, to cut their slots.

However, this seemed not to spoil the mood as music lovers remained spirited dancing right into dawn to performances by Mbeu, ExQ, Freeman and Nutty O, among others.

By midnight, the 5 000-seater HICC auditorium was packed to the gills, with most eyes fixed on the stage when Jah Prayzah and his Third Generation band appeared in stylish army fatigue.

Their two-hour set was simple, sample one new song and then dish out the usual hit songs from the past and it worked, sending many to the dance floor.

For many artistes, the impressive numbers of loyal music fans who attend Jah Prayzah’s shows are but a dream especially given the current economic situation where entertainment has become a luxury for many.

Even the launch’s guest of honour Pastor Charles Charamba could not help but notice.

“Let me salute you, amazing people, I do not know the economic situation where you are coming from, but you seem happy regardless of the different realities,” said Charamba to wild cheers.

Unlike the past years where businesspeople, highly-placed politicians and socialites would bid to get the first copy, Charamba’s short launch speech summed it up without any bidding.

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