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Madzibaba Kagoro claims to have God-given powers

Jonah Kagoro

By Admire Jamu-Mlambo

God of Miracles Apostolic Church leader Jonah Kagoro, who is based at St Mary’s in Chitungwiza where has a great following, has a story to tell.

The 37-year-old Murehwa-born Man of God says he has helped thousands of people who come to seek divine intervention as a result of illness and misfortunes, including those that could have lost proparties.

“I have a huge following in Murehwa and everything that l have prophesied came to pass. I do it for free and no payment is charged for l do it in the name of God,” Kagoro said.

Kagoro, who is popularly known as “Chiremba” because of his “healing powers”, says he assists couples who are barren.

“I have prayed for a number of married couples who have not been able to bear children and as a testmony they will come back to thank God after being blessed with children,” he said.

Kagoro claims to have restored sight to a 33-year-old Kwekwe woman who became blind when she was doing Grade 3.

“Through the power of God, in 2017 l healed a woman who lost sight while in Grade 3. l called the lady from the crowd and ordered one of our congregants to bring milk so that she could wash her face. From that moment, her sight was restored,” he said.

Kagoro also claims that in 2012 he was given the vision of the ascendancy to power of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Currently the Miracle of God Apostolic Church is on a 21-day prayer dubbed Know It Before It Happens, which ends mid next month.

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