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Mutare musician puts aside wife’s suicide


After his wife committed suicide over marital problems in 2017, Mutare musician Lionel “Caff” Matanda’s world collapsed and he took a sabbatical, but it seems the Perfect to Me hitmaker is back.

Caff has been grieving since the death of his wife Oreen Sheila Phiri two years ago, but it looks as if the musician has now found his step and is holding shows in and around the city where he is sampling songs from his forthcoming album.

The musician, who recently pulled out an outstanding performance at the official opening of a leisure centre, The Liquor Tap Bar in Chigodora, said he was working on the new album with DJ Oskido.

He was also part of the artistes who performed at the National Aids Council Manicaland provincial gala in December last year.

“I had tough moments after my wife committed suicide in 2017 and the pain will never heal. However, l have been praying hard to revive my music career. Remember this was the time my hit song Perfect to Me was getting airplay on national radio stations,” Caff said.

“l am working on a new album with DJ Oskido; he is helping me to perfect the album.”

Caff heaped praises on the owner of the The Liquor Tap Bar, Stanely Sipeya, (pictured above) for playing a part in his comeback .

“l want to thank music promoter Stanely Sipeya for affording me the chance to perform at his leisure centre almost every week as l am retaining my confidence back by each passing week,” he said.

Sipeya said he was always willing to help upcoming artistes in the province.

“It’s true that l have been supporting Lionel Matanda to perform at my leisure centre. The musician has got a lot of talent, so he needs our support. He approached me so that he would perform at the leisure centre and l had no problem with that arrangement,” said Sipeya.

Liquor Tap Bar is located on the outskirts of Mutare and one of the most sought-after entertainment rendezvous in the city.

Sipeya said he was passionate about uplifting others, particularly disadvantaged but talented artistes.

“l have a passion to promote musicians, especially those from the marginalised communities. I will be inviting them to the centre to give them exposure and launch their careers,” he said.

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