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Artistes challenged to sing about climate change


Zimbabwean artistes have been urged to produce art forms that have something to do with the ever-changing climate since it is a profitable area to exploit.

This was said during a media climate change workshop held recently in Bulawayo. The workshop, which was attended by journalists from Midlands province and the Matabeleland region, ran under the theme Support towards implementing Zimbabwe’s nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Director of climate change management in the Environment, Water and Climate ministry Washington Zhakata said musicians should not be cocooned, but must be able to think outside the box when it comes to what they produce.

“The musicians must play a huge role, be innovative, able to think outside the box and sing along climate change as it has money,” he said.

“There are lot of opportunities presented in the climate change sector and artistes should avail themselves to be ambassadors of climate change.”

Afro-jazz musician Dereck Mpofu is the only notable singer whose music advocates environmental conservation. He is popularly known for the track Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe and an album titled Mr Green Ambassador, Sir, which focuses on environmental issues,

Zhakata said in other countries artistes have used edutainment as a tool to raise awareness in the community.

“In other countries like Jamaica, artistes have used edutainment as a tool to inform communities and the entire globe about the impact of climate change,” he said.

“They have also helped to spread the message on what has to be done.

“Artistes like Albert Nyathi, Winky D and many more can sing about climate change.”

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