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Fashion designer spreads wings

By Sandra Maricho

GWERU-based fashion designer and socialite Emily Ncube has expanded her operations in the fashion industry to South Africa, where she is set to open a new branch soon.

Speaking in an interview with Standard Style, Ncube confirmed that she was going to open a new fashion designing branch across the Limpopo with the assistance of three partners who are also in the same industry.

“I am going to open a new branch in South Africa with the assistance of three designers who are Zimbabweans staying in South Africa. I will not disclose much details concerning the deal, but everything has been sorted and operations will begin very soon,” she said.

Ncube said she ventured into the fashion industry in 2016, the year she made the official launch in Gweru.

“I had officially launched my fashion designing business more than two years ago when l realised the gap we have in Gweru and we were lagging behind in terms of the fashion and beauty industry,” Ncube said.

She added that she was greatly inspired by Style TV where she realised that she could transform people through knowing the right clothes to wear at different occasions and how to match with accessories.

Ncube was given the opportunity by Ztv to have a slot on the national broadcaster so that she could showcase her talent, but shortage of equipment like cameras stopped her from proceeding with the pilot shoot.

“I’m also appealing to those who can assist me with broadcasting materials, especially a camera, so that l can start my programme on television. I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this,” she said.

Besides fashion, Ncube is a holder of an IT Marketing degree and works for an automobile company in Gweru.

The 26-year-old encouraged other young women to chase their dreams and never give up.

“I would like to tell young women like me to search their dreams earlier in life before it is too late. Nothing is impossible in life if others are doing it, never settle for less,” she said.

Ncube said in the next five years her dream is to have a big fashion house which would accommodate the dressing of celebrities and public figures in Zimbabwe.

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