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Unique’s Morning Latte touches heart, soul

Unique Zimuto

The Morning Latte aired on online tele-radio broadcaster Heart & Soul Broadcasting Services explores the issues of the day while probing society in lively discussions facilitated by the presenter, Unique Zimuto.

Below are excerpts from an interview with Zimuto (UZ), who has laced her presentation with humour through her sarcastic shrewdness.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What is your name and where did you grow up?

UZ: My name is Unique Zimuto and I grew up in Harare.

Q: What is your presenter’s name and where did it come from?

UZ: I am just Unique Zimuto and I just believe my name is “unique” enough, so I have decided to stick with my birth name for the show.

Q: Why Heart & Soul?

UZ: Heart & Soul is the present and the future! The world is quickly becoming digital and our lives are revolving around digital spaces. Heart & Soul is the dream of both the local and diaspora community that is looking for the most relevant and factual radio station. We are here to tell the untold stories and to create platforms for dialogue and engagement. Heart & Soul is here to make a difference and we are here to stay because digital isn’t going anywhere.

Q: What is the name of your show and what is it about?

UZ: It is called the Morning Latte and it is a platform that celebrates young people for who they are and what they are doing, making a difference in different communities. We discuss issues that touch the heart and soul and bring those that are away from home closer to home. These conversations inspire and motivate with segments like African Entertainment News, Travel Diaries, Money Talk, Game Changer of the Day and Bustop TV.

Q: Who is the primary target audience for your show?

UZ: The primary target of Morning Latte is 25-40 years.

Q: What has been your most exciting moment so far on Heart & Soul?

UZ: Oh wow! Every day has been exciting. Most times I really can’t wait to get into the studio and surprise my listeners and most of all surprise myself especially when it comes to talking about things that I didn’t even know about that I would have discovered during my research. Every day on the Morning Latte I get to learn something new and that’s the beauty of Heart & Soul.

Q: If you had a payoff line, what would it be?

UZ: I would say “be the difference” as too many times people want to see change all around them or a difference yet they don’t want to do anything about it and they look to the next person. It’s all about being the change or difference you want to see.

Q: Where can we find you digitally?

UZ: You can find me on Facebook: Unique Zimuto, Facebook: Orbit Youth Show, Twitter: Niq_Chiza and Linkedin: Unique Zimuto.

Q: What’s next for Heart & Soul?

UZ: Heart & Soul is growing bigger this year reaching out to a wider audience and creating more amazing content! We are breaking the barriers in terms of creativity.

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