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The Walking Dead is my family: Danai

LOS ANGELIS — She recently announced she would be leaving her role as Michonne in The Walking Dead.

And Danai Gurira has revealed to NET-A-PORTER’s digital magazine, PorterEdit, that despite news of her departure she still has a great relationship with the cast and crew.

The actress (41) revealed: “I have a really beautiful family in The Walking Dead. We have pot luck dinners. We go to each other’s homes. We check in with each

It was announced in February that Danai would be leaving the much-loved post-apocalyptic horror show.

She is reportedly continuing her role throughout the remainder of season nine, and then will only return in a limited capacity for season 10.

Last year, she starred in the hugely successful Marvel film Black Panther, in the role of Okoye.

“I love the Marvel family. I’ve had an amazing time working with all of them. And I love our fans,” she revealed.

Danai was born in Grinnell, Iowa, but lived in her family’s native Zimbabwe from the age of 5 to 18.

Speaking of her upbringing, she said: “I am definitely a strong meshing of both worlds. I knew when I got [to America] that I had to be vigilant.

“Being in a land of such access and excess, you have to really be clear about what you’re doing and why, and how you’re going to be responsible with all of the opportunities available to you as an American citizen.

“And it was clear to me that I was going to retain a tangible and active connection to Zimbabwe. When I moved to Africa as a girl, I thought I was American.
Then when I came back, I realised how African I was.”

Danai began her road to stardom at New York’s Tisch School of the Arts, and speaking of her training alongside some of Hollywood’s most talented actors, she revealed: “I am very clear about what makes sense to me and what doesn’t.

“The beauty of [the acting programme at Tisch School of the Arts], in addition to the wonderful people who were there with me like Sterling K Brown and Mahershala Ali, is that we all come from this training where you leave your ego outside of the room.

“It’s about collaborating, not cooperating, which is something one of my teachers always said. I’m pretty willing to have a really clear conversation about what I think works, and what doesn’t, and why. It’s always done with respect.”

Danai is currently starring in Avengers: Endgame, which was released on Thursday, and was expected to shatter box office records during its opening weekend.

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