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Prophet calls for ED dialogue


AS the economic situation in the country continues to sink, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government has been urged to unite with prophets as they have spiritual focus on where the country is heading to, a popular man of the cloth has said.

In an interview with Standard Style in Mutare last week, The Healing International Apostolic Church founder Oswell Mahwende (pictured below) direction.

He said it was time for prophets to play their role after preachers recently rescued the country from civil unrests by preaching peace and reconciliation in their sermons.

“The point we are at as a country needs the Holy Spirit to lead us. Our country’s problems cannot be solved through the ballot box or dialogue, in the Bible Abraham fought most of wars through spiritual means,” he said

“Yes, we are hearing prophets performing miracles, healing the sick from various ailments and all sorts of miracles, but in this kind of economy something must be done.

“God told me that this is the time prophets in the country should lead the way and solve the economy crisis, the country should be led by prophets now like what Abraham did. If we continue to fight these buildings we are having in the country in the next 20 to 30 years will no longer be there.”

Mahwende is currently the most sought-after prophet in Mutare as congregants are flocking to his church services seeking salvation.

Hundreds of congregants and other people have been at his church where he conducts spiritual healing, one-on-one talks, solves marital problems and casts out demons, among other social and economic problems.

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