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H&S’ Massy has a calling to uplift talent

By Kennedy Nyavaya

On the small screen she is known as the energetic young lady passionate about rekindling the dimming light on yesteryear celebrities, but Masceline Bandamakara (pictured) is ready to do more on the airwaves.

Popularly known as Massy, the presenter of the Living Legends TV show, has a new radio slot at digital tele-radio Heart and Soul (H&S), where she hosts the current crop of talent every Friday between 2 and 3pm on the Stars show.

Speaking to Standard Style on Friday, the CCOSA journalism school alumnus said the new concept, similar to the TV show, also celebrates talented figures in showbiz albeit with special focus on the new generation.

“This is a way of applauding our own talent, explore and celebrate the lives of men and women who are making an impact as far as the entertainment industry is concerned,” she said.

Her dream is to see artistes recognise their own and be appreciated for their true worth.

Massy revels at the H&S opportunity, which she says has a peculiar edge since it is interactive and unrestricted by terrestrial boundaries on live streams.

“With Hstv there are no geographical barriers… the look and listen part is so cool… and the most interesting of them all is the ability to engage with your audience… they are kind of co-producers as they bring ideas, questions and so forth,” she said.

However, her journey has not been a stroll in the park and the idea of hanging the boots has once knocked on her door.

“The road is not as easy and I don’t know, but I have realised in Zim it’s less of pushing each other’s work and more of pulling each other down,” she said as she narrated how a careless comment from one prominent media personality almost derailed her vision.

“He blasted my work and personality so at that time I felt like quitting with immediate effect, but I later realised every road comes with challenges and it only requires a focused person to overcome and carry on.”

Apart from aiding those new to showbiz reach a wider audience she is also on a journey to inspire those in the media, creating a space for them and that’s the ultimate goal.

“Knowing that there are a number of well-trained fellow journalists who are sitting at home….I would wish for my productions to grow and when they grow it means more man power on the crew and eventually employment is created,” she said.

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