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Masvingo musician releases love song

Thabo Sibanda

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu in Masvingo

After managing to secure sponsorship, Masvingo musician Thabo Sibanda, also known as “Taboe”, has released a new single titled Neni, which is a love song — a fusion of traditional instruments and modern Afro beats.

In 2012, he recorded his first song, Takora, which was hip-hop, and a year later he ventured into dancehall, releasing songs such as Ndatadza Kurara, Annually and Handimbomira. In 2015, he dropped two singles titled Huya Timbotaurirana and Ndapotsa Ndasungwa.

Musango, Nhamo Muroyi, Ngoma Yarira and Mudzimu Dzoka were traditional beats released in 2017 and in the same year, he dropped a gospel track Nekusingaperi.
Neni (With Me) is his first song for 2019, which he did with the support of producer Melanin Muziq.

He said the single was named Neni after he realised that in relationships people ought to value what they have.

“I named the song Neni because I wanted listeners to realise the importance of their partners and encourage them to believe in them at the same time loving them. At the same time people should appreciate one another in relationships,” Sibanda said.

“The song encourages people to love one another as love is not an easy thing, but something people should fight for and not listen to what other people say about them and stay focused.”

The youthful musician said he was inspired by love as he believes that he himself is full of love.

“I got inspired by love. I am full of love, so I would want to share that love with many couples out there,” he said.

“Different situations inspire me to write my music. I sing about what happens in the present-day situation at times, and also to whom I am or to what I have experienced.

“In this song Neni, I managed to write about what had been transpiring in what I had seen in other relationships as one would be pleading with their partner to remember the love that they share.”

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