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Model stars in reality show

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Seventeen-year-old Millicent Mutsvunguma, also known as MillyMillx, is starring in a TV reality show to be aired online in June.

She is working with a group of models and designers and Mr Farai on a reality show called Queens with a Heart, which will have 12 episodes per season under themes Beauty is Kindness, Beauty is Love and Beauty Is You. Currently, they are seeking funds for the show to be aired on TV.

Mutsvunguma says she is thrilled for offering her help at no cost.

“I really feel honoured to be part of the reality show as it is a great pleasure for me to work with less privileged people,” MillyMix said.

“When visiting an old people’s home, it brings me joy and peace that as a citizen I can offer my help for no fee.

“It also makes me prove to people that modelling is not just about glitz and glamour, but is also about having a heart and being kind — helping even in areas where most people don’t want to go.”

Starring in the reality TV show is a dream come true for her as many opportunities are coming her way as a model.

“This is a boost to my career and my dream is becoming a reality for me,” she said.

“This is one of the biggest doors God has opened for me as I feel blessed to be part of the ‘Queens’ because l am now able to show the community the heart beyond beauty and l have also learnt a lot of things through the visits we have made to date.

“As a model from Queens with a Heart, my aim is to use our reality show so that we can inform, educate and spread awareness to our fellow citizens, especially the youth, that people’s lives matter, that elderly lives matter, that orphans matter and also that the environment in which we live does matter too.”

She added: “People will be compassionate enough to assist with income-generating projects, providing one-on-one literacy tutoring to the elderly and to the young and also encourage the youth to do more field trips, volunteer work, embarking on measures that do not destroy the environment and minimise global warming.”

Mutsvunguma said she decided to be part of Queens not only because of the reality show, but also for the opportunity to be an entreprenuer and carry out income-generating projects and by doing so, one would not need to worry about being unemployed.

The model will also take part in an event called Mission Miracles on Friday, where she will be interacting with orphans at the Lunar Park at the Harare Show Grounds.

Queens with a Heart is more than just a reality TV show about modelling. It is a group of young female models who want to make a significant impact by having a long-lasting relationship with the neglected who are often overlooked people in our communities.

The show follows a group of models as they visit as many old people’s homes and orphanages as possible, do city clean-ups as well as modelling gigs, videos shoots and other events.

We shall get to see them not only for beauty on the outside, but do chores, cook, make friends and spread love throughout the country.

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