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Minister calls for competitiveness through innovation

The Environment, Tourism and Hospitality minister has called on all travel and tourism operators to upgrade the physical infrastructure of their operations in line with international expectations.

Speaking before officially re-launching of Cresta Oasis at the recent renaissance event at the hotel, minister Prisca Mupfumira said this would help the hotel group — and Zimbabwe — be competitive on the world stage.

She said: “I … call on travel and tourism operators across Zimbabwe to upgrade their physical infrastructure to meet the expected steady increase in tourist arrivals in this and coming years. “We need to make the sector highly competitive in comparison with other destinations, not just in this region, but across the world.”

The minister was excited by Cresta Hotels’ investment of US$3,5 million into the renovation of Cresta Oasis Hotel and Apartments.

“Cresta Oasis has been a landmark in the Harare central business district for 44 years and has become one of the most important hospitality and conferencing establishments in the city, hosting guests from across Africa and elsewhere in Zimbabwe. The hotel places emphasis on its African roots, seen most especially in its use of Zimbabwean cuisine and cuisine from other parts of Africa in its food and beverage offering. This has made it one of the most popular places in town, as both local and foreign guests savour the local cuisine. Continue excelling in your uniqueness.”

Linking with comments about renaissance made by other speakers at the event, Mupfumira said the refurbishment of Cresta Oasis was seen by many people as a major milestone in the renaissance of Harare’s CBD.

“It is desirable that you and all stakeholders in the city, including property owners, business operators, the City of Harare and other relevant public sector bodies, should work towards a major revival of the CBD now and in coming years. We desperately need to restore Harare to a viable, welcoming, safe, clean and attractive city for its residents and visitors alike, in keeping with other efforts to revive its Sunshine City status,” he said.

Mupfumira said the confidence shown by Cresta Hotels in the travel and tourism sector in particular, and the country in general, through undertaking a major renovation project, was highly commendable and should be emulated by other operators.

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