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Avry: The new radio emperor

By Style Reporter

He is a jack of all trades, but Ngonidzashe Avry Chilwa, aka King Avry, says he feels more at home when he is behind the mic at leading online radio Heart and Soul.

King Avry is the voice behind Heart of City — an infotainment programme on tele-radio broadcaster Heart and Soul Broadcasting Services.

“I am an entertainer and I grew up in Harare,” he told Standard Style.

“The show that I host is called Heart of the City, which is an all-access infotainment show that reaches out to a wide audience both globally and locally.

“After a busy morning, we give you the best way to wind down and drive home. We engage in conversations that touch on business, information, entertainment, education and news.

“We are the best drive-time companion. The main segments of Heart Of The City are Trending Now, Str8 Talk, Heart Of The City 10, Heart Beat, The Royal Seat, Entertainment Today, Zim Music Hour, S’n’T and 411.”

His target audience is mainly the youths, but the way the programme is designed suits all age groups.

“Our primary audience is the hip and active members of the public, which is the 18-45 demographic, which encompasses the working class as well as the school going ages, which are secondary and tertiary students as well as the lay man in this demographic,” he said.

He believes he is a “tsar”, both on and off air.

“I am King Avry on and off air. I prefixed my name with ‘King’ because I actually have royal blood, the royal Chilwa village from the Copperbelt in Zambia,” he said.

“I chose Heart and Soul because it shares my ideologies and sentiments when it comes to the entertainment industry, which are empowering the unsigned and creating a level playing field for everyone,” he said.

“The most exciting thing has been the show response, especially during the Str8 Talk segment and the Zim Music Hour as people are really welcoming the move.”
His payoff line is The Biggest Daytime Show Ever.

Meanwhile, apart from being a radio host, King Avry is a musician, producer, choreographer, massage therapist and model.

“I received musical mentorship from the late Zimbabwe College of Music guru Nyasha Bare at a tender age where she discovered my singing and dancing ability while teaching the music class at Avondale Primary School. She later enrolled me for the school drama and musicals club, which propelled me to join the school choir as she also oversaw that,” he said.

“My high school solidified my dream as I joined the Musicians and Composers Club at St Albert’s High School boosting my confidence and writing prowess. Soon after my O’ Levels I joined Broadway Bits and Hits, a musical that was directed by ballet guru Debbie Fleming and phenomenal voice trainer Linda Frampton.”

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