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Mazhindu sings about values in life


Unheralded gospel musician Harmony Mazhindu says he got into music by “mistake” after his fellow congregants at Glad Tidings church had expressed their love for his voice during praise and worship sessions.

Mazhindu later discovered that he was sitting on talent since he was blessed with a golden voice and could play the drums.

The gospel musician is working on a new album at Oskid Production House and has three singles — Bata Mwana Tiende, Kuchanaya and Usatya — under his belt.

Bereka Mwana Tiende has proved to be a hit and is popular on local radio stations.

“People at my church told me that I had a good voice and encouraged me to embark on a music career,” Mazhindu told Standard Style.

“I listened to different kinds of music and I loved the late Chiwoniso Maraire’s beat, which inspired me to take things seriously. I started working with different musicians and producers.”

The picture that Mazhindu has pitched in the music industry is that of a phenomenon, his debut single Bereka Mwana Tiende, also produced by Oskid, has received rave views on social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

Mazhindu said his music tries to restore African morals and culture as well as give a wave of optimism to the needy.

“The purpose of my music is to restore African moral values and social order through music. Music encourages and gives hope to the needy and those who could have lost hope, to inspire people not to lose hope,” he said.

He said he was expecting to release his debut album in December and would feature local gospel artistes as well as some from South Africa.

“We are trying to make the music on the album as stimulating as possible and I am working with Oskid and we want to bring a new taste to local gospel music,” Mazhindu said.

He said his desire was to spread the Zimbabwean culture to all parts of the world.

“The idea is to spread messages that highlight how Africans live and that we have a harmonised culture,” he said.

Mazhindu has done collaborations with various artistes like Killer T and Tocky Vibes, among others, which gave him the much-needed exposure.

“I have worked with different artistes and it helped me to develop a good taste in how I can make quality music. Zimdancehall artistes and gospel singers showed me that music is about knowledge that relates to our life in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mazhindu said just like any musician in Zimbabwe, he faces financial challenges especially when it comes to raising recording fees and paying band members.

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