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AFIC Ministries in historic Big Sunday crusade

bY Brenna Matendere

All Families International Church (AFIC) Ministries last week held a historic Big Sunday crusade where congregants from various countries in the Sadc region thronged the religious shrine in Kadoma.

Every year in the month of July, AFIC Ministries located in Rimuka suburb in Kadoma holds an annual Big Sunday crusade that coincides with its leader, Prophet
Chamunorwa Nyamupinga’s month of birth.

However, this year’s edition was the biggest of them all as an increased number of congregants with various ailments reportedly got healing while deliverance
was reportedly done to about 8 000 people who attended the crusade.

Prophet Nyamupinga, who was in South Africa recently where he had three days of oversubscribed church services, told Standard Style that this year’s event was

“For the first time, we got people coming from beyond our borders. We also saw people from far places in the country like Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and other remote places coming to be with us to worship God and get His blessings,” Prophet Nyamupinga said.

“I was also honoured to have people from my former church coming to be with us on the great day. The numbers of people who thronged our place shows that our
church is growing amazingly.

“We also had people from high offices that came to grace our occasion, including the MP for Kadoma Central [Chinyanganya Muchineripi] and senior police

“We got a lot of testimonies and I must say each Sunday the people whom we will have prayed with at the church are coming back to talk of great things that would have happened in their lives. People are being freed from their burdens.”

According to the preacher, a man with problems with his legs who could not walk got instant healing while a woman whose marriage had broken down got a call of
apology from his estranged husband while still at the church’s event.

A number of other miracles were done, Prophet Nyamupinga claimed.

Gospel musician Bethan Pasinawako-Ngolomi who gave a scintillating performance during the event, also testified.

“Prophet Nyamupinga once visited our house in Harare. When he left, I got a breakthrough in all the deals that I was pursuing. That trend continued each time
he would visit our family. I want to say the power that the man of God has is too much,” Pasinawako-Ngolomi said.

Overseer Pharaoh Neuso, said the huge numbers seen at the Big Sunday crusade vindicated assertions that AFIC church was now one of the biggest ministries in
the country.

“Prophet Nyamupinga is becoming a beacon of hope for Zimbabweans and people of all nations under the bondage of evil spirits and those seeking blessings. It
looks like our space is becoming smaller due to the crowds that are visiting us. We are open to all people who want to visit us to get deliverances, healing
and prophesies,” Neuso said.

Zimdancehall sensation, Killer T, also provided entertainment and Prophet Nyamupinga said he was pleased with his two-hour long performance.

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