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GTBeats drops Don Gaya video


To drop all pretence of critical objectivity for a moment, it’s probably safe to assume that a fair number of GTBeats’ fans will have goofy grins on their faces when they first watch his just released video track, titled Don Gaya.

A Zimbabwean music producer and artiste, Titus Gambiza, popularly known as GTBeats, based in South Africa, has released a saucy video that describes a personality living a care-free life; experiencing a double life of high and low standards because he does not let anyone define his life path.

Speaking to Standard Style about the title of the track and the video, GTBeats said Don Gaya is about an alter ego of himself that has created his current
phase in life as an artiste and is also a derivative of the Jamaican term Don Gorgon, which means gangster of high status.

“It is derived from the Zimbabwean old slang Mu Don’t Gaya, which literally means one that doesn’t care much. It’s also a derivative of the Jamaican term Don
Gorgon, which means a gangster of high status,” GTBeats said.

The song describes Don Gaya as a personality who lives a care-free life, experiencing a double life of high and low status because he does not let anyone
define his life path, this is shown by the way the he’s dressed in the video.

Speaking on how his track corroborates with the current social and political commentary in the age of high social media visibility, he said most people now
live under unnecessary pressure, where they compare themselves with others based on what is posted on social media.

“I found this track very timely with our current social and political issues, most people and other artistes now live under unnecessary peer pressure,” he

“With the advancement in social media platforms some people and artistes now go to great lengths of trying to impress others or to seem cool in the eyes of
imaginary haters or fans.

“In this track I am simply urging people to live their lives and be grateful for what they have. This also applies to what you believe and your views on socio-
economic or political issues, just be yourself and don’t take unnecessary pressure from anyone.”

GTBeats said he was born in Harare, but grew up in different towns due to the nature of his father’s job.

“Having grown up in many cities and towns, including Harare, Gweru, Bulawayo, Chinhoyi and Gwanda, made me socially awkward and an introvert. Every year or two
I was a new guy in a new town and at times I had to learn a new language, but this, however, strengthened my character culturally,” GTBeats said.

“I started singing at the age of 15 and did my first production at 17. I have worked with quite a number of top Zimbabwean artistes.

“My last biggest work as an artiste was the Mare video that I released in 2015. I also dropped a mixtape titled Kutsvaga Mari, which came out in 2016 before
taking a hiatus as my career as a producer was at a defining point because I had started making bigger moves on the international scene.”

After producing music for over 10 years, GT Beats said he got most of his opportunities from long-tested relationships with people in the industry, thus
keeping up a good character and getting good recommendations.

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