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Murudzwa-Ndembera’s five-star album launch

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ALBUM launches are a time that many musicians display various emotions from being positive to being apprehensive, since they use them to gauge how far their products would be received on the market.

Even those artistes with a comprehensive album release plan are at times jittery when the moment to launch their album comes.

There is also the financial side that complements or supports the process of making the launch a successful event.

However, with popular gospel diva Argatha Murudzwa-Ndembera (pictured) that is not the case, at least by the way she was upbeat about
her private launch before the event held at Pasimboti Lodge in Hatfield recently.

The diva spoke at length about the approach she was now using to launch her songs.

Murudzwa-Ndembera said she was doing private launches which were low budget, but would yield the maximum return on her investments into
the production and release of her latest projects.

“Come and witness our launch and bring your spouse too,” she said.

Yes, she had every reason to be positive about the launch and I had to find out.

It was more like a family affair, not the family you know, but also her gospel fans, supporters, promoter’s church members and other
influential people in society.

Everything that took place there was new to me, or to be on point it was not what I have been accustomed to at such launches.

The only familiar faces were my colleagues in the profession, popular radio and television personalities Kanyemba Bhonzo and Elsie
Mojapelo, who as usual did not disappoint as directors of ceremony.

I am still to find out the secret behind their flawless performances at such a big stage, I am now convinced in our profession the mouth
or is it voice is bigger than the pen.

Back to the launch, the highlight of the event, at least according to me, was the host’s performance on stage or it is dining-room, with
the Makumbe Brothers on their collabo of the song Chinhu Chakanaka.

The eight-track album titled Bhaibheri Ukholo Wami by Murudzwa-Ndembera is a beauty that amplifies her status as a legend among local
gospel divas.

Every invited guest bought the album, but I am not sure about my two friends whom I shall not mention by name because I owe them the
awesome introduction they accorded me to the other guests.

It momentarily made me the most popular media personality at the event before the duo quickly swept way that glory through their
captivating performances entertaining the guests.

At the end of the day, it was selfie after selfie for the presenters and the host for a job well done and rightly so.

I am not sure if I am allowed to disclose the amount Murudzwa got from the sales of her album. While the temptation to do so is great, I
risk losing another invite to witness the energetic dances of the Makumbe Brothers.

But I will assure you that the host deserved to be confident.

Am I right, Voice of Thunder boss Gibson Makumbe? You really are a star in the trade.

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