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Ex-broadcaster releases album


VETERAN broadcaster and Bulilima West legislator Dingumuzi Phuti (pictured right) has released an album titled Mpfula Webhundu, which commemorates culture and also calls for the reinstatement of Kalanga chiefs who were demoted by the colonial regimes in favour of the Nguni.

The eight-track album would have its first launch in South Africa during the Kalanga Festival to be held next Sunday, while the second launch is slated for ZBC’s Mbare studios in

Phuti worked as a broadcaster at ZBC.

“The album carries a message about culture, our strong adherence to culture. It is important. For example, on the song Bohe bedu, I will be mourning the loss of our cultural practices
that used to be observed to keep people together and busy in one vision for progress and development,” Phuti said.

“I call all our Kalanga chiefs by their names and this is also a message to say we want Kalanga chiefs to be reinstated because the colonial injustices took them out by way of demotion
to headmanship or nothing.”

Phuti described most of his songs on the album as social commentaries.

The legislator, who is a Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) board member, said music was part of his life despite being an MP for the Bulilima West constituency.

“I love music and music is part of my DNA and releasing this album is routine as I have been doing that over the years. This is a unique album because when I assumed the office of
legislator for Bulilima West, some people thought music was going to find second space in my life schedule, but then I am trying to prove everything that you have been before is among
those things that built you up as long as it’s something good,” he said.

“So, the more a person in an occupation like mine — that is politics and legislation — understands music, loves and appreciates it better, it shapes how they then become players in

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