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Neat moves to tame environmental degradation


A local non-governmental organisation — National Environmental Awareness Trust (Neat) — believes people are embracing their work for environmental protection, conservation and awareness.

Neat was founded by Kadoma-based environmentalists Timothy Chizuzu, Patricia Musanhu and Edward Fundira with the aim of bringing awareness on environmental degradation and the extent of its impacts in Zimbabwe.

The NGO recently took part at the Kadoma Agricultural Show, where its stand was one of the most popular. They also scooped second position in the Community category at the showcase.

“Our environmental awareness helps individuals understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment,” said Chizuzu.

“We help society build knowledge and skills necessary to address complex environmental issues, as well as to take action to keep the environment healthy and sustainable for the future.”

Apart from awareness campaigns, Neat empowers communities to be aware, responsible and be good custodians of the restoration and improvement of the environment’s well-being, especially in the mining, farming and the transport sectors.

With Kadoma being one of the communities most affected by environmental degradation as a result of illegal gold mining, Neat is conduction awareness campaigns in mining communities.

“We have routine visits to mining communities and at times we engage with the miners on how best we can protect the environment while at the same time exploring the minerals,” Chizuzu said.

“We also train the EIA [environmental impact assessment] practitioners and offer certified programmes that mentally empower them to deal with issues on the ground and to educate communities on issues of sustainable living, climate change and greening the environment through basic programmes, projects and educational meetings.”

Neat has led a number of clean-up campaigns in Kadoma and surrpounding communities and is an active participant on National Clean-Up Day.

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