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MsKate: TV personality doing wonders in fashion


TALENTED television personality Cathrine “MsKate” Muchena says the decision to spread her wings into fashion when she launched her MsKate Incorporation specialising in corporate wear has brought a new dimension for success in the face of daunting challenges.

To followers of a number of local television productions that include the soap opera Wenera, (where she once played the Muchaneta character), Outrage and Zimtales — a compilation of short films — MsKate’s face is a familiar one that rocked the small screen.

In a recent interview with Standard Style, MsKate said her love for acting could not deter her passion for fashion and to be limited by the circumstances around her as she naturally gravitated to the world of fashion as a business.

“When I was much active in the entertainment industry, that is when I discovered that there was a gap in the fashion industry and I thought I could create something as in first world countries where entertainment and fashion interconnect,” she said.

“I realised that in Zimbabwe there is that entertainment and fashion gap and after giving it serious thought, I decided to take that opportunity to establish Ms Kate Incorporation.

“MsKate Incorporation focuses on the branding of corporate image, corporate wear and other promotional material.

“We are not just suppliers or providing what people have already been wearing, or have; no, we are doing it in a different way also bringing in the new trending styles.”

As a way of developing her brand from MsKate Incorporation, which was established in 2013, the fashionista has since branched into MsKate Personalised Shopping.

“As the business started to grow through God’s grace, I then decided to venture into personalised shopping,” she said.

“We do not only do corporate wear, we also deliver fashion outside work, dressing a number of individuals among them celebrities, businesspersons and politicians through MsKate Personalised Shopping.

“Through the MsKate Personalised Shopping, I try not to supply the same style to everyone as I make it as much personalised as possible since customers can communicate what they would like us to offer and in what sizes.

“I do one on one with my clients and this is where I get to understand the style of an individual to avoid uniform-like attires.”

Among her clients, MsKate has had the privilege to work with Amalgamated Motor Corporation and dress some players and officials of Zimbabwean football champions FC Platinum off the pitch, a development she described as having helped grow her brand.

“Working with one of the country’s successful companies also dressing their football team to maintain that sparkling professional look has helped my brand to grow immensely gaining so much traction with more corporates becoming our clients,” she said.

“As MsKate we try not to only give service, but experience as we pride ourselves when it comes to delivery and quality, not quantity. Unlike others, we don’t take our clients for a ride.”

The youthful entrepreneur said she would continue introducing new styles so as to infuse fresh ideas for the corporate world.

“Embracing of the new trends in fashion is the way to go and as MsKate we are proud of being innovative and our ability to supply our local corporates with world-standard products and services,” she said.

“MsKate Incorporation has come a long way. I dreamt big and I am not where I want to be yet, but I am very proud of where we are at present and I give God all the glory.

“I am very grateful for the support and love I am getting from both the corporate world and individuals who have MsKate products in their closets.”

MsKate, who said the corporate side of business is flourishing as compared to the personalised shopping side due to economic challenges, admitted that it was not easy to be in the fashion business.

“There is a lot of hassles to get supplies into the country. Since we do not really produce locally, there are a lot of challenges we face as we try to source merchandise from out of the country since it’s not that cheap to travel,” she said.

“Also coming from a background of entertainment, it is a real hassle for women as some men are vultures who presume any woman with a showbiz background is of loose morals maybe because of the roles one would have played in the productions.”

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