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Closer look at disability with Miss Coco

By Style Reporter

Budding broadcaster Miss Coco — real name Colleen Vimbainashe Chifamba — says her new show Life Through The Disability Lens on Heart and Soul radio will bring rarely pursued perspectives about people living with disabilities to the fore.

The show, which airs on Fridays between 2pm-3pm, is part of the station’s rich talk show programming aimed at tackling a wide range of societal issues.

In an interview, Miss Coco said her slot was set to amplify the voices of people living with disabilities through interviews and research that would relay life experiences and unravel challenges they face.

“It is a platform for people with disabilities to share their lived experiences of living with a disability in Zimbabwe, their stories, challenges, achievements and opinions of everyday life,” Miss Coco told Standard Style.

“The show aims to change the listener’s perception of disability and hopefully prompt them to join hands in the fight for disability rights in their respective communities.”

According to Miss Coco, the show, a radio rendition of her award-winning blog of the same title, is a rare opportunity in the local sphere in what proves the station’s commitment to bringing new voices to disseminate less followed issues.

“One thing that stands out about Heart and Soul radio is that the content is new, fresh and relevant, and cannot be found anywhere else,” she said
“I also love that the station is providing a platform for ordinary Zimbabweans to be interviewed on the different shows and thereby showcasing their talents to the world.”

Heart and Soul is an online tele-radio broadcaster under the Alpha Media Holdings flagship, the publishers of NewsDay, The Standard, Zimbabwe Independent and Southern Eye.

“Anyone who wants to learn about disability issues is my target audience, but my hope is that everyone gets to tune in and widen their scope on the topic,” said Miss Coco.

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