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Eyes on TeeMak’s fanciful Big Brother dream

BY Style Reporter

Local reality television fans are set for exciting times if Malaysia-based arts benefactor TeeMak’s idea to bring a locally made Big Brother-type reality show this October comes to fruition.

Named One House, the brainchild of TeeMak (born Taona Chipunza) (pictured)and his colleague Prince “Mr Styllz” Mudzingwa, it will be reportedly filmed at a secret location in the country where contestants aged between 21 and 30 years will, for a month, battle it out for a cool US $50 000.

This is a dream the duo sold last week at a launch event in a plush hotel in Harare.

“We have already looked at the budget as to how much this will cost. I wouldn’t want to say it here because it costs a lot (but) the vision is to empower and create a platform for undiscovered talent and in the process put the Zimbabwean name on the global map,” said TeeMak amid braggadocios nods from Mr Styllz.

Having donated to different awards events as well as signing artistes, the two say their mission is to promote local arts and they are using their many projects to prove it.

However, they seemed unconvincing when explaining their reasons for having One House considering the possibility that they might not even break even after the first season, if it takes off.

“I do want to assure you that it is a lot of money to a lot of people and it is also a lot of money for us, but we are capable and if we are not capable it will be seen,” TeeMak said.

The rumor mill suggests that the pair may have set the budget at half a million United States dollars.

But, investing that much money or more solely based on goodwill and not prospects of profiting financially or otherwise makes the likelihood of the show past one season precarious.

“If we want to make profits we know where to go and this (hosting One House) is probably one of the least favourable options because of how much money is going to be injected in the process of making the show happen,” insisted TeeMak, who reportedly makes mega millions from forex trading.

But, for how long will they sustain such a huge project?

Also, the investment is too hefty to not require financial assistance as Mr Styllz ostensibly suggested at the launch event.

“It’s coming from our own pockets (and) we are doing it for our country,” he said in a boastful tone.

However, the nation will have to wait and see if they will deliver as promised.

Meanwhile, they said the 30-day show will explore new talents and provide employment for young people in the country’s 10 provinces.

“The vision is to put a group of individuals in a specific environment whereby they’ll be tested in different variations to see how capable they are in maneouvering different obstacles that we will create for them to overcome,” said TeeMak, adding that they would add a few known celebrities to spice up the house.

“Through this, the contestants who will be part of the reality show will be tested in character and mental fortitude capacity in how they deal with situations.”

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