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How to Entertain Yourself During a Pandemic

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or a super virus out to get us, staying safe is important. Yet, staying sane could be an equally tempting prospect, especially if you plan on surviving a pandemic and returning to your normal daily life. Pandemics come in all shapes in form and they are doggedly recurrent pests.

Thankfully, in our world of highly polished entertainment, nobody has to share quite the same fate as Tom Hanks in “Cast Away.” In fact, there are many great ways you can have a blast while sitting at home and surprisingly – distancing yourself from others who may be either this close to turning into brain-eaters or are simply out to infect you with a disease.

And so, to keep your brain unchewed-on and still have a bit of fun on your own or otherwise, here are some great ways to help you ride the pandemic – whatever form it has taken this time.

Netflix and Streaming Platforms

Netflix has halted the production of new TV series during the trying times of COVID-19 which if anything tells us that even our good store of entertainment is not without its limits. Yet, binge watching thousands of hours of quality cinema is always a few moments away when you have so many streaming platforms.

Whether it’s Netflix, HBO, Amazon Primer or Disney, social distancing has never been simpler. You can go through the apocalypse one great show at a time and even come out in the clear before you have had time to watch through everything you have planned to.

Play Video Games with Others

You may not be the biggest gamer, but massive multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs suddenly have their appeal. We are all out there and all we need to do is connect. World of Warcraft is one of the timeless classics and one that you might want to explore for yourself.

Even more interestingly, Blizzard Entertainment, the company developing the game, once ran a pandemic event similar to COVID-19 which prompted researchers to study how a dangerous virus would spread among the general population. The event was very accurate.

If fantasy isn’t really up to your speed, you would be happy to know that Minecraft is also a pretty neat. But whatever game you choose in the end, Internet traffic globally will be pretty busy at times when we would have to stay indoors and survive an outbreak, pandemic or any other cataclysmic event.

The key is to keep in touch with the digital avatars of the people whom you love and like.

Visit Some of the Best Poker Venues – Online

For people who are looking to challenge themselves, playing poker might be one viable way to battle wits with other self-isolated individuals. In fact, there is a whole lot of opportunities to play quality online poker in Zimbabwe, but the truth is – you need to know where to look.

Thankfully, the best poker sites in Africa, and the world in general, aren’t that difficult to find, and in the end, you will always be able to have a blast and call your opponent’s bluff.

Reading with a Warm Cup of Cocoa

Reading – how démodé is it? Turns out, reading is indeed soothing to the soul. In fact, when the novel coronavirus struck, Amazon decided to allow readers to access its entire selection of books – a nice gesture, and perhaps a reason to get your own Kindle.

But if you already have a great library packed with books you haven’t had time to read, and pandemic wouldn’t let you get to work, why not spend this time reading? It never hurts to have books – just in case.

After all, canned food might be all very well, but it never hurts to provide your brain with some nutrients in the form of a pleasant stimuli such as reading.

Board Games – Why Not?

There are tons of games that would take you a fair bit to complete. Gloomhaven, The Lord of the Rings and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice are some fantastic adventure games you can play if the end of the world has come upon you and you can safely stay home.

Quite frankly, you should. These games are a delight and you will have no problem playing through the bulky campaigns, especially with the end of time outside. Then again, there are more great games you might want to try on your own. We would recommend The Vikings Saga or Architects of the West Kingdom, to name just a few.

Either way, tabletop gaming is indeed a way to spend some quality time on your own or with others.

Exercise to Fight Social Distancing

Now, social distancing can really have a toll on you and it’s important that you stay on your best behavior and in good mood. Therefore, getting some exercise in to combat any depressive thoughts might be quite helpful.

While people may be introverts and avoid going out, they always find the thought of being able to go out whenever they wish soothing. Even the biggest recluse, though, would soon feel the wear and tear of social distancing when they simply can’t go out.

But worry not, because you needn’t go as far as Jack Nicholson did in The Shining when half an hour of exercise at home will really get the trick done with you, guaranteeing you a healthy lifestyle all around.

Get Creative: Learn the Piano or How to Draw

Creative activities are what makes us human. Everyone wants to create, build, and let’s face it – be able to craft pretty things. With a pandemic raging out there, now is your time to see if being a painter or a piano player is all talent or it takes grit and hard work.

If pressed, we would argue that it’s a bit of both, but no idle talent can live up to a hard-working and persistent individual. Therefore, you can become a virtuous and meet the end of times (or at least a pandemic) playing music.

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