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Twitter ‘suitor’ scores date with Mahere

By Style Reporter

As the nation grapples with the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic and the volatility it brings, frontline health workers are proving bold in all spheres of life, including on the love front.

Twimbos, as Zimbabweans have come to be known on micro-blogging site Twitter, on Friday played match-maker when one Lenon Gwaunza (@lgwaunza), a neurologist, openly requested a date with feisty lawyer-cum-politician Fadzai Mahere.

“Hey @advocatemahere, You’re the most intelligent and beautiful woman I know. “Just figured I’d shoot my shot. Stay amazing [flame emoji],” wrote Gwaunza in what would become the most trending tweet of the day.

For those in the dark, the concept of shooting one’s shot entails the bravery of unexpectedly wooing someone particularly online.

While it remains a mystery when exactly the South Africa-based doctor got smitten with Mahere and whether it will amount to anything, it appears he got fed up of waiting for the lockdown to be lifted before declaring his affection and subsequently asking for a date.

Interestingly, his daring move caught the attention of many, including MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, activist Pastor Evan Mawarire and United Kingdom envoy Melanie Robinson among the who’s who and ordinary tweeps who aired their views.

But, as the doctor would learn, it definitely takes more than attention to flatter an audacious Mahere who only gave in after her demands for 5 000 retweets and donations amounting to US$5 000 towards a Covid-19 cause were met.

“Dear @lgwaunza, You made it to 4K. I say YES to this date. Your move now. “Thank you for rallying your troops to support this #ZimAgainstCovid19 Trust. Please ask them to keep donating. I will do a photo shoot if they get to 5K. I hope you’re as amazing as they say you are [kiss emoji],” she tweeted.

With donations of all sorts still flowing in and restaurants falling over each other in a bid to host the date for free when the ban on gatherings is lifted, it seems the much-hyped romantic appointment will take place.

All that is left is a date and time, so Gwaunza should perhaps start preparing a presentation for the next men’s conference on how to sweep one of the most respected women in the land off her feet in hours.

Meanwhile, if by any chance it lasts longer than this one meal, this could be a classic case of what Rihanna meant in her 2011 smash hit We Found Love.

The neurologist’s effort to “find love in a hopeless place” would have yielded an epic love story and twimbos would have been there to witness it all from the beginning.

Efforts to contact Mahere and Gwaunda were fruitless yesterday.

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