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Benefits of the return of Bundesliga on 1xBet

After the break, many fans met the German Bundesliga with great pleasure. An excellent line was presented on https://1xBet.com with impressive choices for each match, which should be expected in the near future, because so far only Germany has pleased its fans out of the top 5 leagues. Despite the fact that the matches of the 26th round were held without spectators, a huge number of fans of big football watched the meetings.

Even the most demanding fans didn’t expect anything extraordinary from players, and the form of the teams was very much in question.

But here, the Bundesliga proved to be at the highest level, and one cannot even say that there was any break in the championship. The following clubs put their best foot forward in the 26th round:

  1. Borussia Dortmund. The team smashed Schalke without any problems and showed excellent football. The current composition of the team is one of the best in recent years, which is also demonstrated by the rather low odds from 1xBet in the ranking for the championship. But while Bayern is on track, the Bumblebees can be satisfied only with the second place once again.
  2. Borussia Mönchengladbach. The confrontation with Eintracht Frankfurt was initially considered not to be the easiest and most unimportant one. But Borussia M managed to win with a high level, scoring 3-1. The magnificent form of Marcus Thuram is especially noticeable, and he seems to have found his team. 
  3. Bayern. The Munich team low-key defeated Union Berlin, and in this case, one can notice that the team is not in its best form. But this is rather temporary, as there are always champion ambitions.

The Bundesliga is back and it’s wonderful, but anyone can place the FIFA eSports battle international bets on 1xBet and get great benefits. Esports is very popular now, and experts also highly appreciate the relevance of this sport in the future.

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