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Online movement inspires Gukurahundi theatre play


VICTORY Siyanqoba director, poet and activist Desire Moyo, aka Moyoxide, says his new theatre production titled Bhalagwe Is Burning is inspired by the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement.

“I have thought of those innocent lives who were massacred by the regime in the early 1980s during Gukurahundi,” Moyo told Standard Style.

“Their spirits matter too! I believe our beautiful country will never be a nation as long as all those who were killed during the Matabele genocide have never found peace and proper rest.

“Therefore, while the living like me call for the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, Moyoxide Ideations brings in a thought-provoking 60-minute-long theatre production to share the sombre, angry and hurt voices from Bhalagwe in #BhalagweSpiritsMatter.”

He said the nation cannot afford to continue paying last respects to people who are unwilling to pay respects to those they wronged and killed.

“The intelligence of our history is so amazing that it even has memories of the undocumented events. The people of Zimbabwe are fed up with a country building political chicanery and we now want to built a nation.

“In our greater numbers we envy the neighbouring Rainbow Nation and say to our own home, ‘cry our beloved country’. While we have lost the Lucifers of Gukurahundi, we still have its Goliaths and the message of this theatre show is, For every Goliath, there is a David. Let the Davids rise to build a nation of peace, unity, justice and love!

“The Operation Restore Legacy was an overwhelming project that was sugar-coated. While others still enjoy their candies of the restoration, the greater mass of Zimbabweans is now licking the rust. Therefore, the production comes at a time when the entire country has realised #ZimbabweanLivesMatter and that rust can diarrhoea us to death.”

Moyo said the production was being shot within the spaces of hope.

“It is produced by the hopeful, optimistic and patriotic elements within the society hungry for nation building. It’s a Moyoxide Ideations theatre production, supported by Victory Siyanqoba Trust and its partners and wellwishers,” he said.

“The cast is a surprise cast and the greater mass on this globe must expect nothing but fireworks.”

He said after the project, Rachel 21 is next and it’s an adventurous musical theatre show coming in December.

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