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Meck takes gospel music by storm


Gospel musician, songwriter, producer and guitarist Josh Meck (pictured) wants to take gospel music to another level so that it can reach out to many communities with a message that is able to transform people’s lives for the better.

Meck said he received a calling to preach to people through music that inspire, teach, motivate and touch people’s lives in a positive way.

Meck, who is releasing a single titled Jehovah Weminana today, described the song which is accompanied with good visuals, as God’s message to the people that God answers our prayers.

“The single I’m releasing will definitely touch people’s lives. I have invested a lot on the song and the video and I’m confident that people will enjoy it,” he said.

“I have emphasised quality on the musical video. That’s why I have engaged one of the best videographers in Zimbabwe, Slimaz pro, so that we can come up with a product that will be appreciated by my fans.”

Meck said the video, which is expected to feature on regional television Trace Gospel, is likely to get rave reviews in the entertainment sector because of its high quality.

Meck said gone are the days when gospel artistes would release pathetic videos with shabbily dressed characters.

“We are the children of God hence everything we do should be of high class. On this video, I engaged designers and make-up artists who worked hard to ensure that the product would be of high quality,” he said.

“The location I chose for the video, the characters who featured on it and the genius touch of Slimaz have all ensured that the video will make international standards.”

Meck took time to explain the lyrics of the song and said it is all about telling people that there is a miracle working-God who can transform people’s lives for the better.

“Jehovah Weminana is a song that reminds people that there is a miracle-working God who answers prayers. This God is able to transform our lives for the better. People only need to worship Him and obey His commands so that they can attract God’s blessings,” added Meck.

He described gospel music as a powerful tool in invoking the presence of God and wants people to know that salvation is for everyone regardless of age, nationality or race.

Jehovah Weminana is Meck’s third release this year. In January, he released a single titled Baba Varikumusoro that was followed by Chitsike four months later.

Chitsike was a hit on local radio stations occupying top spot for some weeks. The forthcoming offering is expected to solidify Meck’s position on the gospel industry.

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