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Mudhindo joins forces with son

By Sandra Maricho

SUNGURA musician Ronnie Mudhindo has joined forces with his nine-year-old son Innocent Ronnie Junior for a single which was launched virtually recently.
Titled Chauya Chikara, Mudhindo described the track as all about introducing his son to the music industry at the same time nurturing his talent as he has already shown interest at a tender age.

“My son has an inborn talent in music and l have discovered him as a potential musician who will become famous if fully supported,” Mudhindo said.
“I am going to do everything possible in supporting his dream so that it becomes a reality.”

Mudhindo described Ronnie Junior as confident enough to perform in front of crowds and has since been taking lessons of playing lead and bass guitar.
“Junior is already taking lessons on how to play bass and lead guitar and he is a good learner who enjoys learning new things,” he said.
“I am proud to have someone who is following my career, it shows how inspired he is about music.”

Mudhindo said he has been grooming other upcoming musicians, including Moyo brothers Peter and Tongai Junior.
He said it was important for parents to support talents of their children making sure they achieve their goals.

“As parents, we have to continue supporting our children’s talents in line with the new curriculum which promotes arts and sports as crucial subjects,” he said.

“I value children’s education such that my son only spends about two hours doing music a day and the rest of his time is dedicated to school work.”
Mudhindo rose to stardom two decades ago when he was a bass guitarist with the late Tongai Moyo’s band Utakataka Express before he formed his own group Orchestra Vazvamburi.

Early this year he came into the spotlight after he made a collaboration with Tongai Junior on a single titled Dzinza Rinokosha.

Mundindo said he was prepared to assist upcoming musicians who approach him for advice and guidance as he has been doing this for a long time.
“l am very passionate about seeing upcoming musicians learning and growing their brands,” he said.

“I have groomed dozens of musicians who came to seek my services and most of them are doing great on their own.”

The sungura star said he was inspired by the unity of musicians in South Africa where he is based, urging Zimbabwean musicians to unite in order to grow the industry.

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