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Lovezh’s new album brings to the fore social issues

WHEN Afro-fusion singer Lovemore “Lovezh” Nherudzo stepped onto the big music stage with his debut album Farai Nesu in 2017 backed by The Brave Stars band, it marked the beginning of a fruitful career that has seen him release a string of hits in the cut-throat industry.


The Rusape-bred singer, who claims to have discovered his passion for music when he was touring with dendera singer Sulumani Chimbetu and his Orchestra Dendera Kings as a fan, has released his fifth 10-track album titled Giant Wanyanya that is making waves on local radio stations.

The album was recorded by veteran producer Oscar Chamba and engineered by Sulu’s former manager Knowledge Nkoma at KOM Studios in Harare.

As Lovezh appreciates that collaborations unite artistes and cement relations with fellow composers across genres, on the album he has roped in veteran sungura musician Somandla “Mafia” Ndebele and Mark Ngwazi on tracks Dzidzanai and Simba Mukaka respectively.

There is no hidden meaning in his compositions on the album as the singer teaches, preaches as well as shares ideas on different social issues allowing people to learn something while enjoying the music.

The album opens with the track Giant Wanyanya, a song that talks about how sometimes physically built folks (giants) harass or embarrass other people at different places or occasions. The songs relates to some situations where people have been harassed or had indecent words barked at them like when one is walking with someone of the opposite sex by those of good amount of muscle. Through the song, the singer condemns such behaviour of harassing people simply because someone has larger physical build than others.

The song I Want to Marry You carries the affection theme where a boy is proposing for love to a girl who also admires and loves him, but she suggests they have to meet her aunt first if the boy is really serious such that they are told how the proper marriage procedures would be handled. The girl is afraid to disappoint her parents as she desires an affair that would lead to marriage, than being used as a sex object and later dumped.

On Simba Mukaka, a duet with Ngwazi, the singers combined their voices to encourage people not to lose hope in their efforts to achieve something in life through hard work. The song provides an uplifting mood as it talks about a hard worker who is, however, not well paid according to the services and efforts presented. The worker, however, finds solace in the African idiom that expresses the wisdom that people are resilient as strength oozes back no matter how much you draw it, the strength oozes back.

Veteran sungura singer Soma adds his voice on the song Dzidzanai that encourages lovebirds to understand each other more in a relationship before rushing into marriage seduced by material things. The songs encourage long-lasting marriages that are built on the foundation of the couples’ ability to understanding each other before settling for marriage.

Lovezh, who fuses sungura and rhumba in his composition, yesterday said he was now working on videos such that his fans would enjoy the music in the comfort of their homes in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic that has affected not only the creative sector.

The albums under his sleeve are Farai Nesu, a 2017 production, Chikuru Kufema released in 2018, Wenyama Ngaafare and Mwari Mupenyu, both 2019 productions.

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