Land developer donates wheelchairs to Masvingo PWD

Beneficiaries, as well as Masvingo City Council and Craft Properties officials

People with disabilities in Masvingo province got a shot in the arm after a prominent land developer donated wheelchairs last Friday.

Craft Properties, through its corporate social responsibility programme, donated 10 wheelchairs and US$10 each to cater for fuel.

The land developer, which is headquartered in Kadoma, partnered Masvingo Municipality in the gesture that will go a long way in addressing mobility issues among people with disabilities.

“At the centre stage in all national endeavours, we are very proud to be advocating for the provision of equal opportunities to otherwise disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, a goal which cannot be separated from my dream of bringing positive contributions within society,” said Craft Properties CEO Kudakwashe Taruberekera.

“We are glad to note that the National Disability Policy has come into effect at a time when the people of Zimbabwe are collectively moving towards achieving the national vision of an empowered and prosperous upper middle-income society by 2030.

“By the way, Masvingo is my home town. Among members of the Shona tribe in Zimbabwe there is a saying “Gavi rinobva kumasvuuriro'' everything you see has its origin.”

Taruberekera was born and bred in Zihove village, Chivi district.

“It was within the confines of this close-knit community that my extraordinary journey began,” he said.

“Born into a modest household, I grew up witnessing the struggles and hardships that permeated everyday life.

“But within the depths of my young soul, an ember of ambition began to flicker, igniting a passion for entrepreneurship that would shape my destiny.”

Taruberekera said his inspiring journey is contained in a yet-to-be published 100-page memoir.

He said the wheelchair gesture to Masvingo province was among hordes of donations Craft Properties has channeled towards people with disabilities.

“As Craft Properties Pvt Ltd, we have taken it upon ourselves to assist people with various disabilities wherever we can, by providing them with homes, fundamental human rights as well as adequate healthcare,” Taruberekera said.

“A number of policies have been put in place to ensure that people with disabilities are not discriminated against.”

Among other corporate social responsibility programmes Craft Properties is undertaking include the construction of school blocks at Easterlea Primary School in Chakari.

In addition to handing over the school blocks to the Chakari community next month, Craft Properties would handover 10 wheelchairs to the City of Kadoma and 10 residential stands to people with physical disabilities, while five residential stands would go to people with albinism, to make a total of 15 residential stands.

“It is well-known that the vision, principles and values of Craft Properties Pvt Ltd coincide with the ideologies of the People with Act, which advocates for the delivery of welfare and rehabilitation of disabled persons, access to premises, services and amenities which members of the public are ordinarily admitted to,” Taruberekera said.

Masvingo City Council social services official Alice Mashinge welcomed the donation on behalf of the local authority.

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