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Brisk business as Harare celebrates love

Despite a depressed economy, with most companies laying off employees, the spirit of Valentine’s Day celebrations has refused to be dampened and during the whole of last week, the city was a colourful sea of red with businesspeople recording brisk business.

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Many people on Friday donned the signature colour for Valentine — red — and defied their circumstances to celebrate the day.

A saleslady shows some of the Valentine’s Day gifts on sale in a Harare shop. Picture: Shepherd Tozvireva

A saleslady shows some of the Valentine’s Day gifts on sale in a Harare shop. Picture: Shepherd Tozvireva

Most shops embarked on aggressive marketing by adorning their windows with gorgeous selections of clothes and trinkets that are popular with lovers.

Yesterday people, most of whom dressed in red, went about the Valentine spirit shopping for that elusive and special gift for a lover, mother, friend or prospective girlfriend.

Popular hunting grounds were the lingerie shops which have sprouted all over town.

“Lingerie is still a hot favourite. We have lacy, sexy bits. Teddy bears too are very popular,” said a shop assistant.

At Carol’s Closet, which sells lingerie, it was a hive of activity with people jostling to get the best from the wide array.

“Business is good and as you can see, customers are impressed with our wares,” said a saleslady who identified herself only as Rumbie.

On display were hampers with teddy bears, lingerie and branded coffee mugs.

A sudden wet spell did not deter eager and excited customers who wanted to demonstrate their love to family and spouses.

Supermarkets too had a wide selection to chose from, including delectable, moist cakes, doughnuts, a good selection of wines and pens.

Vendors too were not to be left behind and competed for customers who were spoilt for choice. Chocolates remained a favourite and with the influx of cheap imports from Egypt, many lovers will surely have a good time
Restaurants too and nightspots advertised scintillating events all in the name of love.

However, there were some who were not enthusiastic, saying it was a sheer waste of money and was satanic.

“I tell my wife that I love her every day and and I show it to her in many ways. I do not need just one day to do so,” said Godfrey Sibanda from Manresa.

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