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Gonyeti ready to fill void

Emerging raunchy dancer, Gonyeti (real name Glee Bafana), has declared Beverly Sibanda will not be missed.


Bev resigned from the trade after she joined Prophet Magaya of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries three weeks ago.

The short but voluptuous dancer said bar patrons would not miss Bev as she had upped her game to fill the void.

“This is my time. Bev had her time and she left so now I am filling that gap,” she said.

“We are getting many bookings, a sign that we are on track and in no time we will be up there.”

The dancer has of late been causing havoc at night spots due to her attractive stature and other dancers, desperate to match her backside, are turning to supplements like Super Appetito to enlarge their hips.

Bafana said many dancers in the industry were now taking the supplements to boost their backsides as they believed men adored big hips such as hers.

“What they do not know is that I am natural. If you knew my family you would understand as all my siblings look like me,” she said.

“It is true, a lot of dancers do take Super Appetito to enhance their frames. A lot have even accused me of taking it too, but because my structure is natural, I do not need any enhancement.”

Doctor Rutendo Bonde, the chairperson of Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights however said the supplements alter the metabolism. She said when one introduces the supplements certain chemicals in them may affect many organs which include the liver, pancreas, bowel and even the eyes. “There is a lot of pressure on women to always please the men at their own peril,” she said.

“The question is who determines what is beautiful? Women should not be pressured to try and embark on dangerous schemes just because it is expected of them.

“The roles of women go beyond sexual roles and women should explore these other roles.

“In Western countries, pole dancers are not required to be big, but quite the opposite. Here I see a collision of cultures, copying the Western pole dancing (nothing wrong with that) and at the same time trying to incorporate the African culture which hails big curvy women.”

She said women should instead focus their energies on keeping healthy by eating unrefined foods and keeping fit.

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