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The very best sports games for your smartphone

Alongside sharing your opinion on various topical issues within your favourite sport or selecting your team in Premier League fantasy football, fans of sport are turning to an array of games on their smartphone devices in 2021. They’re better than ever before, too.

The sheer amount of releases is increasing at an impressively rapid rate. Games developers are aiming to crack what is a highly lucrative market and tap into a potentially new audience of gamers thanks to smartphone gaming’s diverse user base. The types of games on offer are extensive, too, with the option of playing casino games for real money appealing to some, while others might prefer an augmented reality gaming experience with a session of Pokemon Go.

We’ve barely touched the surface there, too. The options on offer are comprehensive, and that’s without factoring in the sports releases. In fact, sports games are arguably some of the best titles to sample on a smartphone, especially if you have a joystick or a few other additional accessories to elevate the all-around gaming experience.


With sports games being continually downloaded in 2021, here is a look at some of the best options for your smartphone. All of the games featured are available on both iOS and android unless stated otherwise.


Football Manager 2021 Touch


Regarded by many football fans as being the best management game around, Football Manager 2021 Touch offers players with an authentic experience of managing their favourite football teams and players from around the world. You’re in charge of everything, from signing players to devising the best tactical plan against specific opposition. Should you fail, you’ll lose the fans and then potentially your job.


Grand Mountain Adventure

A skiing and snowboarding game that really is a blast to play, Grand Mountain Adventure is a release ideal for fans of the adventure sport. With challenges to master and the additional possibility of exploring the mountains thanks to the game’s free-roaming option, Grand Mountain Adventure is an entertaining title to play.


NBA Live Mobile basketball


One for any basketball fans among us, NBA Live Mobile basketball is a great game to download. Made by EA, the graphics are impressive, and the overall gameplay works a treat, although investing in an additional controller is worthwhile also. You can start a career mode and experience life as a professional basketball player, build up your very own team of stars, and even just shoot hoops at a few street courts for a more casual experience.


Hockey All Stars

From truly epic high-scoring encounters to fighting during a match, hockey games have always been entertaining, and now we can enjoy them on our smartphone devices. In the case of Hockey All Stars, it serves up decent gameplay, and it’s a fun title to enjoy. The gameplay isn’t as polished as it could be, and it doesn’t offer the real team logos or players, but it’s still a game well worth downloading, particularly if you’re a fan of the sport.

Table Tennis Touch

With its expert ball physics and superb graphics, Table Tennis Touch is a great game to tuck into. The control system is also mightily impressive, alongside the all-around fun such a detailed ping-pong game offers. You’ll definitely get into some tense rallies with this one!


EA Sports UFC


Whether you fancy knocking your opponent out in style as Conor McGregor or you adore talents like Israel Adesanya, EA Sports UFC is one of the best fighting games around. Controlling the Octagon has never felt so good on mobile as you unleash combinations and fight your way to the very top.

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